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Nuaire Unveils The Next Step In Carbon Filtration


May 1016

As many as 40,000 deaths each year are being caused by exposure to air pollution, and rising Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2) and Particular Matter (PM10 and PM2.5) from traffic fumes are the major culprit.

Nuaire unveils a new range of carbon filters to help protect homeowners from rising air pollution levels in our traffic-congested towns and cities. The IAQ-BOX takes air purification to the next level, offering the highest levels of filtration and the lowest resistance of any system on the market. And while the range sets a new benchmark, it offers competitive pricing.

IAQ-BOX removes 99.5% of NO2 from the air, as verified by the BRE, making it the most effective system available. IAQ-BOX also removes chemicals produced through industrial processes and burning fossil fuels, as well as filtering out strong odours. Nuaire’s carbon filter range has optional PM10 and PM2.5 pre-filters that ensure up to 95% of harmful particulate matter is removed from the intake air, with the G4 filters inside Nuaire’s MVHR system acting as a third barrier to airborne particles.

This pre-filtering technology not only safeguards the health of the homeowner, but prevents build-up of harmful materials inside the MVHR system so it operates more effectively for longer. Uniquely, the carbon ‘media’ is held in one block rather than a row of individual filters, which makes removal and replacement quicker and easier. Nuaire can guarantee a four-year lifespan for its filters, so maintenance is minimal.

With marked improvements in current levels of resistance and unique features, Nuaire aims to make this life-saving technology easier to specify. IAQ-BOX is available in two sizes for greater flexibility.
IAQBOX-D Double is an industry first. With a greater surface area to remove even more NO2, its double-width size reduces overall air resistance to the lowest levels of any carbon filter on the market. With resistance dramatically lowered, the fan can run at a lower speed which makes it quieter.

IAQ-BOX Double features a spigot configuration of ‘one-in, two-out’ that not only helps reduce pressure drop, but also acts as a plenum, cutting out an additional duct connection. In the same way, it acts as an attenuator, reducing in-duct noise. The standard IAQBOX-S Single unit is both smaller and lighter for smaller homes. IAQ-BOX is mounted in the ceiling void. It measures just 170mm in depth, meaning a saving in valuable void space for apartments.

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