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Indoor Air Quality Made Simple

Increased road traffic accounts for up to 65% of environmental air pollution, claiming an estimated 40,000 lives each year. People living in homes near busy roads are at risk of developing asthma, lung cancer, heart disease and dementia.

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We have designed a unique solution to tackle air pollution inside the home.

IAQ-VALVE is a supply valve and carbon filter in-one; small and discreet yet extremely powerful.

  • Removes up to 91% of harmful NO2
  • Low resistance up to 15l/sec
  • Captures pollutants with activated carbon by ‘adsorption’ process
  • Simple bayonetted fixture enables fast, tool-free filter change
  • Can be ducted vertically or via fixed plenum for varying void depths

How is Something This Small So Powerful

The activated carbon media inside the cartridge is microporous so a spoonful equates to roughly the size of a football pitch. This enables IAQ-VALVE to capture up to 91% of NO2 and other harmful pollutants from vehicle emissions, as verified by the BRE.

IAQ-VALVE works as part of a complete system with Nuaire’s MVHR Eco range. The carbon pellets offer low resistance, up to 15l/sec, helping to maintain the correct system pressure.

With options to duct vertically and horizontally via a fixed plenum, installation is flexible and fast. Maintenance is simple with no access hatch required and tool-free replacement of the cartridge can be carried out by the homeowner.

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