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Case Study

Administrative Control Authority (ACA) Headquarters

Nuaire Provides Ventilation Solutions for Egypt’s Administrative Control Authority Headquarters

The Project

Project: Administrative Control Authority (ACA) Headquarters, New Administrative Capital, Cairo, Egypt
Client:Engineering Authority of Egyptian Armed Forces
Products: Axial Inline Fans

The Administrative Control Authority (ACA) is Egypt’s longest standing independent anti-graft authority, formed to combat fraudulent activities, implement national anti-corruption strategies, and reduce financial crime rates.

The ACA’s new headquarters, located in the New Administrative Capital in Cairo, spans seven buildings across nearly 75,000m2. Nuaire was chosen to provide ventilation systems for the headquarters’ main building, its administrative building, and its two control buildings.

It was thanks to our comprehensive range of high-performance AXUS axial fans, meticulously engineered to offer maximum design flexibility that we were able to cement our position as the ventilation partner of choice. With our bespoke Axial Configurator software enabling us to configure and deliver millions of possible combinations, we were able to provide fit-for-purpose solutions suited to the exact project specifications. Through our ability to adapt case size and material, blade and motor type, motor position, and many other factors, we offer all of our clients the opportunity for complete customisation.

To help in the selection process, we have also developed the Nuaire Selector Tool. With such a comprehensive product range, it would be almost impossible to display every Nuaire option in catalogue format. This easy-to-use application shows each and every product available and can be filtered according to any project requirements, such as price or noise level. With the Nuaire Selector Tool we’re empowering our clients to make the best, and most economical, choice for their project.

At Nuaire, we’re proud to deliver high-quality, reliable products for our clients, including the ACA. As part of the AXUS standard range, our axial inline fans offer high energy efficiency for long-term, energy-saving performance. Each fan in the range is manufactured from heavy gauge galvanised steel to ensure strength, durability and protection from onsite damage. These fans also include a wide range of control options, including our market-leading Ecosmart control platform, for increased energy efficiency.

What’s more, all of our products - including those in the AXUS range - are tested to the latest, highest quality standards set by the world’s leading accreditation bodies. Our AXUS fans are air performance tested to ISO 5801:2017, and acoustic performance tested to AMCA300. This means that, when the ACA chose to partner with us, we not only delivered ventilation solutions perfectly tailored to the Authority’s specific project requirements, but also ensured these systems were high-quality, energy efficient, durable, and compliant with regional legislations.

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ACA Headquarters

ACA Headquarters - PDF Case Study

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