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Why Is ErP Suddenly So Important

Dear Wendy,

By Wendy Thomas, Residential Product Manager, March 2016

I’m a bit confused about ErP on residential fans. Why is it so important all of a sudden?

What is ErP

It’s driven from the EU and was introduced on 1st January 2016, and it means that products that fall within certain criteria need to be labelled in a specific way. For many years we have all seen the energy ratings A-E on appliances such as fridges and washing machines, this is part of the same legislation as it looks to drive standards of greater energy efficiency.

For our market a committee oversees ‘Lot 10’ specifically on residential ventilation units (RVU) up to 60l/s (250m3/hr). Products with a higher duty fall into the group classed as non-residential units (250m3/hr to 1000m3/hr). The obvious issue is where will units such as MVHR sit, as they are over 60l/s, but are for the residential market? In short, they will all come with clear energy efficiency details now.

The good news is that you don’t really need to know. Its legislation that the manufacturers need to comply with and the knock on effect to consumers is that they will have clearer energy information, both with product delivered and technical data online. It’s a great principle to make everything more energy efficient and for companies like Nuaire - and others - it actually drives innovation, which is our forte. And its only ventilation units over 30watts that are affected - so don’t worry that your next bathroom fan will have a great big colourful sticker on!

If you need to know more because it’s impacting your business, Nuaire offer a free 1 hour CIBSE accredited CPD on the subject, but for those of you who are just curious then hopefully this has answered your questions. For more info on ErP or any other residential issues then please email me on

Wendy Thomas, Residential Product Manager- ErP is the talk of the industry at the moment. It’s not surprising people are a little confused about what it all means, and what impact it will have. Firstly, it’s not Enterprise Resource Planning (which is what you get it if you Google ERP!). That ERP is about software. No, the ErP people in our industry are discussing is the ‘Energy Related Product’ directive which applies to products.