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Faith, Set, Love – No Need to Repeat

Many continuous extract fans in the market are perceived to meet building regulations but don’t. They may meet the requirements described in Document F under the ‘free air’ categorisation, but once installed, they often fail to perform the duty of the regulations and meet the property’s requirements.

By Claire Baldwin, Residential Marketing Executive, March 2021

This flaw often remains undiscovered until condensation, dampness, and mould develop in the property, leading to tenant complaints, negative PR and, in some cases, legal action - Housing Act 2019 . Because extract fans are not regularly commissioned, it can be almost impossible for Landlords to know if their extract fan is performing effectively until it’s too late.

Not all extract fans are created equal

Our Faith fan is different; you can install it, set it, and love it as the product gets to work on reducing indoor air contaminants. Our Faith fan always achieves the correct airflow when installed as it operates on constant flow. It can be adjusted to suit the property’s size and set to the required duty once installed.

Other fans are fixed-speed, which doesn’t allow them to meet the duty for anything more than a two-bed house on background rates for continuous extract. These fans don’t do intermittent flow rates once installed and therefore have to utilise continuous running background rates.

The Faith extract fan has many sophisticated features and benefits:

  • An intelligent and energy-saving humidity tracker – to help prevent condensation dampness from occurring in the property
  • A night-time delay and smart run-on timer – automatically maintains air quality
  • A daily run monitor to record operation and performance – in case of tenant tampering
  • A cost-effective solution due to minimal maintenance delivered by its filter-less design
  • A small and sleek design – to ensure tenant acceptance
  • Flexible installation options – Faith can be fitted on the wall, ceiling, and window – a solution for all room configurations
  • Faith comes with 5 years warrant

Faith Extract Fan

Extract Fan - Faith


Faith is a filterless extract fan that is designed to meet the requirements of Building Regulations.

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