Innovation & Quality

British Innovation

Since our inception in 1966, Nuaire has pioneered many new ventilation strategies that have enabled clients to reduce energy demands and carbon emissions whilst improving air quality.

Over five decades, Nuaire has taken giant steps in innovation to develop new ventilation products and strategies that have shaped the market and changed the direction of the building services industry.

Nuaire was the first ventilation manufacturer to introduce the ever-reliable Twin Fan; the first to invent a cure for condensation dampness with the iconic Drimaster Positive Input Ventilation range; and the first to introduce low-voltage, energy-saving controls system onto our commercial products with the trusted Ecosmart Controls platform.

Innovation, driven by market need and by anticipating changes in regulations, is at our core. But this innovation cannot happen without investment. In recent years, Nuaire has invested millions of pounds into new manufacturing plant to support our plans for growth. This has brought us greater capacity, increased flexibility and lower manufacturing costs, which, when combined, allow us to offer innovation based on high quality, competitive pricing and fast delivery.

High Quality As Standard

Quality in manufacturing underpins all of Nuaire's operations. Uniquely within the industry, the company has developed internationally-recognised expertise in quality and manufacturing processes.

Our innovative new products are rigorously tested in our multi-million pound test facilities, considered among the most advanced and comprehensive in the world, and designed to meet the latest industry standards.

Two reverberant chambers (Type D and Type A configurations) test for both aerodynamic and acoustic performance. Clients are welcome to visit the laboratories for 'witness testing' and these laboratories are also in demand from other companies to test their products. The quality assurance that these facilities deliver is recognised throughout the industry.

Nuaire's commitment to continuous improvement in all aspects of quality is recognised by external organisations and the company has achieved accreditation by Exor, Constructionline and CIPS - Sustainability Index. This puts Nuaire among an elite group of companies which have undergone an active and robust programme of checking, testing and independent validation.