Environmental & Sustainability

Green Thinking

Nuaire has made real progress in its bid to further reduce waste and carbon emissions. We have demonstrated how, through the implementation of a strategic carbon and waste reduction programme, a business can not only help the region within which it operates towards reaching its overall carbon reduction targets, but in doing so can also make a significant positive impact financially on its individual business operations and financial outgoings.

Reducing the environmental impact of our business has been a chief priority for Nuaire for many years. Since achieving the Green Dragon Level 5 accreditation in 2006, we began a programme of work to improve our overall environmental performance. In 2009, Nuaire became the first UK manufacturer to be awarded the Carbon Trust Standard through our efforts to measure, manage and reduce carbon emissions by 2.5%, year on year. In 2011, we successfully retained the accreditation for a further three years.

In 2015, Nuaire undertook a compliance assessment to meet requirements of ESOS, identifying further opportunities to reduce our carbon footprint. Nuaire achieved ‘zero waste to landfill’ on the Caerphilly manufacturing site in 2015, and in 2016 the distribution centre followed.

Nuaire was the first company in the UK to implement the use of a new design screw compactor to process timber recycling on site, significantly reducing carbon emissions through reduced transportation, thus reducing operational costs.

Nuaire has also established a positive working relationship with the Welsh Government to ensure it is at the forefront of its sector, gaining Government funding to support £2m investment in a new sheet metal forming system. The machine has reduced the oil on site by consuming only 55,000kWh, costing £4,400 per, replacing the existing machine which consumed 760,350kWh, costing £61,000 per year. As well as a reduction in the overall processing time due to the increased system capacity, the machinery is helping Nuaire in its drive to further reduce its carbon footprint.

Sustainable Business Practices

Nuaire understands that its business activities affect many different people: customers, suppliers and the local community.  Products are manufactured in the UK and components sourced within the country where possible. 

Nuaire has developed a sustainable procurement policy to assess the environmental performance of all its suppliers and contractors, all of whom are encouraged to minimise negative environmental and social effects associated with the products and services they provide.

Nuaire is proud to announce its third successive accreditation to the CIPS sustainability index in 2017, underlining the company’s commitment to its customers though maintaining sustainable products and manufacturing processes.

Nuaire has successfully implemented a number of further sustainability indicatives including the implementation of a fully integrated management system under the requirements of PAS99. The system integrates our quality, occupational safety and environmental policies and procedures, avoiding duplication resulting in increased efficiency and creating further opportunities for improvement.

An equal opportunities employer, Nuaire endeavours to employ people from the local area. It supports the local community through involvement in various charitable events and other educational initiatives, and regular contributes to the favoured charities of its employees and customers alike.