The UK’s leading Energy Efficient ‘plug and play’ solution for over 13 years. Ecosmart Classic provides 0-10V BMS interface, trickle and boost as standard.  Ecosmart Classic has a 5 year warranty.

The most successful energy control ever! Demand ventilation at your fingertips.

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  • QUICK & EASY TO INSTALL - All controls are pre-assembled, configured and installed directly into the fan or air handling unit, this includes 2, 3 or 4-port motorised valves and actuators, pipework, off coil thermostats and sensors, frost protection, etc. Site time kept to a minimum, quality and efficiency maintained
  • EASILY ADJUSTABLE - No need for main VCD, which means no wasted energy or noise generation because the air volume can be precisely set via the integrated speed control, minimum and maximum speeds easily adjusted via Ecosmart commissioning panel
  • SIMPLE, PRECISE COMMISSIONING - As recommended in Part L, Ecosmart Classic enables the system to be accurately commissioned via an integrated speed control, minimum and maximum speeds easily adjusted via commissioning panel integral to the control
  • QUIETER SYSTEM - With Ecosmart Classic your system (when combined with sensor) is only at maximum design duty when absolutely necessary.  The noise levels within your systems are lower because the fans or air handling units are rarely at full speed
  • IMPROVED LIFECYCLE - Ecosmart Classic enables the fan or air handling unit to be run at lower speeds. This reduces the maximum load and wear and therefore increases the overall working life of the units
  • DEMAND VENTILATION - To achieve maximum potential savings and the lowest possible energy consumption, combine Ecosmart Classic with sensors to link the fan speed directly to demand. For example by using ES-CO2 or temperature sensors to control fan speed when a room is occupied
  • HEALTHY ATMOSPHERE - Ecosmart Classic has a trickle function as standard which when activated, via a simple switch, enables you to set a background ventilation rate, keeping the rooms fresh when unoccupied, whilst still saving energy. System will boost or ramp to maximum design duty when triggered  by an Ecosmart or other external device
  • PLUG IN CONTROLS - Simple low voltage sensors complete with pre-plugged cable means that any control function is easily achieved.  You decide which conditions to monitor and the system will operate at the optimum speed
  • BASIC BMS INTERFACE - Integrated BMS features enable any central system to control and monitor the fan or air handling unit via 0-10V signal. This enables full speed control and heating or cooling enable if installed and volt free status indication as standard
  • PEACE OF MIND - Warranty is extended to 5 years with Ecosmart Classic. Basic control units only carry a 2 year warranty


Provides the facility for energy saving via an intelligent stand-alone AHU function with local diagnostic status indication, or allows convenient integration with the client BMS with a minimal co-ordination requirement.

The factory fitted Ecosmart Classic control includes:-

Integral infinitely variable speed /duty control for the supply and extract fans, with independent minimum, maximum and offset adjustment (up to 40%) for accurate commissioning.

  • The control assembly is side mounted with a 90O rotation facility (XBC Range only) for wiring and commissioning adjustments in restricted access conditions. (260mm access allowance is required).
  • The control features a run on timer and “background” ventilation function, and is provided with unit status indication, run and fail relays and interface connections for Ecosmart Classic sensors/enablers and system dampers.
  • The heat exchanger bypass is automatically operated according to temperature and a pre-defined strategy.  The heating output (LPHW or electric) is automatically regulated to control the Air - Off condition.
  • The Ecosmart control module can additionally be connected to provide the following integrated BMS interfaces.
  • 0 - 10 volt inputs will enable the following functions:- Switch the unit on/off, variable speed / duty control, switch from low speed to high speed, enable heating / cooling.
  • 2 No. Volt free contacts give fan run and failure unit status indication.

Units fitted with Ecosmart Classic control have a 5 year warranty.