Ecosmart Adapt Control - Ecosmart Adapt is project/site specific and can be adapted to utilise other controllers such as Siemens, Johnson’s etc.

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  • REDUCED INSTALLATION TIME - The Adapt Trend IQ422/12/LAN/BAC/230 has software configurable inputs and addressing with automatic baud rate selection and IQ Tool compatibility. This greatly reduces engineering and commissioning time and therefore reducing the cost of the install.
  • COST EFFECTIVE MEANS OF CONTROLLING A VARIETY OF APPLICATIONS - Provides intelligent control of a wide range of plant. Power to support advanced control applications including remote web supervision with graphical representation and control adjustments.
  • BAUD RATE - Is automatically detected and applied to the network
  • SOFT CONFIGURABLE UNIVERSAL INPUTS - No need for jumper settings.
  • BARCODE ADDRESSING - Makes for quick and easy commissioning.
  • NETWORK ADDRESSING - Via SET, no DIP switch setting required.
  • PEACE OF MIND - Ecosmart Adapt with Trend has a 5 year warranty.



A comprehensive unit control specification - factory fitted and tested to provide guaranteed operation from a single supplier – one who will take responsibility.

The unit integrated Ecosmart Adapt system provides the facility for operational efficiency and energy saving by allowing a comprehensive range of unitary control functions and / or full BMS integration (by others) via standard BACnet IP configuration.

The system incorporates a web access enabled Trend IQ422/12/LAN/BAC/230 controller, and is augmented by application specific unit interface and diagnostic circuits. Controller software is optimised and pre-configured, and each unit / control assembly is fully functionally tested at works (Refer to technical documentation for full controller functional specification).

Units fitted with Ecosmart Adapt control have a 5 year warranty.

Only available on XBC and Boxer Packaged Solution Commercial fans