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Getting To Know You - Manufacturing Team Leader

Getting To Know You

By Tammy James, Senior Marketing Executive, April 2019

Welcome to the second edition of our monthly 'Getting To Know You' features, celebrating the diversity and wide range of skills and expertise within Nuaire.
This month David Taylor, Manufacturing Team Leader faces our tricky Quizmaster...

What do you do at Nuaire and in what circumstances would someone come to you for something?I’m a manufacturing team leader on the XBC, DD & SQURBO sections. People come to me for lots of things. It can be anything from holiday requests from my teams to lead time requests from sales & everything else in-between.

What is the biggest misconception about your role?
It’s probably that we can answer all last minute requests and get things done by yesterday. That’s only true sometimes :)

Who has influenced you most when it comes to your approach to work?
That would be my late father. He always had a good work ethic and provided for his family. But I’ve also been influenced by the people I‘ve worked with along the way, right from when I first started with people like Jeff Cook OEM, up until this very day. When given the opportunity, people can surprise you.

Can you tell us about a work-related accomplishment that you’re proud of?
There are lots that I’m proud of but at this present moment, it’s probably the introduction of the flow-line on the XBC section. With the help of my team, we’ve turned this area into one of the most efficient areas within manufacturing.

Who inspires you?
My family. My daughter Ellie, for her compassionate, caring nature; my oldest son Dan, for his level of commitment and hard-working attitude; my youngest son Zac, for his brave, determined attitude, battling his way out of a wheelchair to a football pitch and finally my wife, for instilling these traits in them.

What are you passionate about?
Outside of my family, my main passion is music. I’ve played the drums since I was a child & have been in a few bands since. I’m currently playing with an original band called ‘The Bakestones’. I’m also a level 2 rugby coach and referee - something I love doing.

Who would you most like to swap places with for a day?
Firstly, Matt Cameron from Pearl Jam. Just to experience playing with my favourite band. Secondly, my wife, just to experience always being right :)

What’s the most challenging thing you’ve worked on during your time here?
This is quite a hard one to pick. We face constant challenges in manufacturing; this suits me to the ground as I get quite competitive and love a challenge! I always try to put a positive spin on things. Currently, though my biggest challenge is getting everyone working as a team. It’s been a long process, always evolving but I like to think, with the help of my team, we have changed the way we operate within my areas. We have a much more versatile and flexible workforce, who have been given the opportunity to train/ learn new skills.

What is the best thing about working at Nuaire?
I would say the camaraderie amongst my colleagues.

What’s your favourite quote?
Never put off ‘till tomorrow, what you can do today – Thomas Jefferson