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Face the facts, condensation is a compliance issue, not a complaint issue.

How Nuaire can help the social housing sector with the latest building regulations requirements for combating condensation dampness in their housing stock


Working With Local Housing Associations Since the 1970’s

In the early 70's Nuaire was enlisted by major authorities and housing consortium to take up a challenge to cure the growing problem of condensation dampness in homes in Northern England. We invented an anti-condensation ventilation system "Norma". But today you know it as the Drimaster!

Nuaire was established in 1966, over the years we have continuously developed our extract fan range. Nuaire have been the pioneers of Positive Input Ventilation (PIV) since 1972. We understand the importance of indoor air quality (IAQ) and the growing concerns of poorly ventilated homes.

Occupants living in affected properties can suffer allergies, respiratory issues, and persistent coughs, all directly linked to the mould and damp conditions. Legislation means that your Association is required by law to get on top of, and tackle condensation. 

Our ventilation specialists have extensive knowledge on the challenges you face in combating condensation dampness, and are here to help, providing you with the tried and tested solution, and also offering in-house training.

Nuaire's Whole House Ventilation Solution

Our Positive Input Ventilation technology attacks the cause of damp, mould and condensation at source, stopping it for good. Installed in over a million homes. It’s tried, tested, and trusted.

PIV is a highly trusted, cost-effective, and simple solution to ensure clean air flows freely throughout the home. It works by gently introducing fresh, filtered air into the dwelling. Air is drawn into the unit and is passed through filters before being pushed around the home – as the air moves, the unit creates positive pressure as it dilutes, displaces and eventually replaces the stale air in the home.

Our Drimaster-Eco range takes existing PIV technology a step further, effectively tackling the problem of condensation dampness, meaning lower running costs and life cycle costs, also offering up to 7 year's warranty.

Nuaire's Wet Room Ventilation Solution

Our newly launched Faith-Plus is a compact, filterless, continuous running decentralised mechanical extract ventilation fan designed for bathroom and wet rooms. Faithfully compliant, offers flexibility to meet exact flow rate in 1 l/s increments and has a 5 year warranty.

Extract fans are fitted in a dwelling’s ‘wet rooms’ and provide rapid extraction of moisture and pollutants. Nuaire’s FAITH-PLUS extract fan will remove moisture from the air, preventing condensation and the associated problems and improving the indoor air .

The fan operates between set trickle and boost via the pullcord and when the humidistat is activated. The run on timer depends on the setting and reverts back to trickle when expired. If the light switch does not stay on for 3 minutes, run on is not performed providing energy efficient ventilation. The unit has a 7 segment display showing running hours counter in user-friendly format.

Specialised Ventilation Sales

Our Residential Repairs, Maintenance, and Improvements Sales Team offer a number of in-house CPD training courses, looking at the importance of Indoor Air Quality, Mould and Condensation, and Building Regulations.

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