'Game-Changing’ Carbon Filter Earns Double Award Nomination

Nuaire’s passion for clean indoor air has been recognised by industry judges for the H&V News Awards 2018, with a double award nomination for the unique carbon filter supply valve, IAQ-VALVE.

New to the market this winter, IAQ-VALVE is the very first time a carbon filter has been added to a standard MVHR supply air valve, creating a solution to fighting incoming traffic pollution that is both easy to install and easy to maintain.

The new carbon filter technology has been shortlisted for Domestic Product of the Year and Air Movement Product of the Year, in the highly respected H&V News Awards. Residential Product Manager, Wendy Thomas said: “We are delighted to be nominated  in two categories. Indoor Air Quality is being taken more seriously with evidence from the World Health Organisation and leading health bodies like the Royal College of Physicians to show the loss of life and burden of disease linked to environmental air pollution.

IAQ-VALVE is a simple alternative to inline carbon filter systems that is easy to install and, crucially, easy for the facilities manager or occupant to change.  We are passionate about air filtration and it’s great to see that the heating and ventilation industry also see the benefit in developing this unique technology.”

Small but powerful, the carbon filter valve is capable of capturing up to 91% of NO₂ and other harmful pollutants, as verified by the BRE. The activated carbon media inside the cartridge is microporous so a spoonful equates to roughly the size of a football pitch.

IAQ-VALVE works as part of a complete system with Nuaire’s MVHR Eco range. The carbon pellets offer low resistance, up to 15l/sec, helping to maintain the correct system pressure.

With options to duct vertically and horizontally via a fixed plenum, installation is flexible and fast. Maintenance is simple with no access hatch required and tool-free replacement of the cartridge can be carried out by the homeowner.

The winners of the H&V News Awards will be revealed on 19th April 2018.

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Ventilation manufacturer, Nuaire has developed a new carbon filtration technology to simplify the way designers keep air pollution out of the home. 

Increased road traffic now accounts for up to 65% of urban environmental pollution, which research suggests claims an estimated 40,000 lives each year in the UK. Annual mean levels of NO₂ near busy roads regularly breach legal levels, and as a result, people living in homes nearby are at risk of developing asthma, lung cancer, heart disease and dementia.

Today, Nuaire has unveiled IAQ-VALVE, a unique style of filtration that combines a standard supply air valve with a carbon filter. This combination is designed to simplify the control of air pollutants entering the home by utilising a standard MVHR supply valve that is part of a ducted ventilation system. With no requirement for an access hatch, specification and design are straightforward, and all the homeowner will see is a discrete, white ceiling valve.

Small but powerful, the carbon filter valve is capable of capturing up to 91% of NO₂ and other harmful pollutants. The carbon media held inside a cartridge is microporous and has a much larger surface area than its external dimensions suggest. A spoonful of activated carbon equates to the surface of a football field. Through a process known as ‘adsorption’, the pollutants are attracted and held on the surface of the carbon, trapping them before they enter the home.

Improving indoor air quality is a driving factor in the design of new products. Business Development Director, Andy Mudie explains: “IAQ-VALVE represents a new type of life-saving technology that simplifies the design and installation of carbon filters. The virgin activated-carbon pellets remove a reassuringly high level of pollutants produced from vehicle fuel combustion, including harmful NOX, sulphur dioxide, ammonia and VOCS, all of which are known to damage the body and reduce life expectancy.

“Removal of pollutants is the most important aim of any carbon filter product, but that must be followed by factors that make specification, installation and maintenance easier. We have considered the end user, designer and contractor in the unique design of IAQ-VALVE”, Mr Mudie said.

IAQ-VALVE works as part of a complete system with Nuaire’s low-energy MVHR Eco range. Polluted air is passed through the G3 filters inside the MVHR system, where particulates, pollen and dust are removed. This air is then passed through the carbon filter valve on the supply-leg of the ducting.

Powerful filtration is combined – critically – with low resistance. The carbon media offers a low resistance to air volumes of up to 15l/s, so the optimum performance of the MVHR system is maintained. The valve is fully adjustable for commissioning purposes and is lockable once commissioned, so even when the cartridge is replaced, the valve returns to the locked, commissioned position for guaranteed system performance.

The installation of IAQ-VALVE takes into account the varying availability of void space in new build homes and apartments. For deeper ceiling voids, the valve can be ducted vertically using rigid duct with the valve added after the ceilings are plastered around the duct opening. For lower ceiling voids down to 180mm, it can be installed using a first-fix plenum making connection simple.

Maintenance is equally straightforward. IAQ-VALVE has a simple ‘twist-and-clip’ bayonet fixture which enables quick release for easy maintenance that can be carried out by the homeowner without the need for tools. Nuaire recommends replacement of the cartridge every two years, offering a free-return recycling service to ensure the used media is disposed of correctly.

Nuaire will launch the new IAQ-VALVE at an event in London on 30th November, with members of the press and clients from the leading consultancies in London and the South East.

While the issue of air pollution is still far from being resolved in urban towns and cities, Mr Mudie expressed his confidence in the IAQ-VALVE and its effectiveness in protecting homeowners from the life-threatening effects of dirty air. “IAQ-VALVE is a unique, practical solution to the problem. All elements of the design have been considered in exacting details, from the simple method of replacement to the low-resistance. It is impressive how something so small and discrete can make such a positive difference to the air quality in new homes.”

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FAN-tastic to Support Care Teens Through DIY SOS and Children in Need!

Having been through the care system, Emma Lewis, chair of The Roots Foundation Wales, knows only too well the loneliness and difficulty that teenagers face when at 18 years of age they leave care to fend for themselves. Her desire to create a happy, safe space for children and teenagers in care led her to set up the Welsh charity, and with help from the DIY SOS team and Children in Need, Emma’s ambitious dream for a day centre with self-contained studio flats was realised.

Nuaire was privileged to support the epic Big Build project in Swansea with a donation of Cyfan extract fans, installed by Residential New Product Development Manager, Richard Jenkins. “We were delighted to step in and provide ventilation for the studio flats. The designs were really impressive and should provide a happy environment for teenagers leaving care. Our Cyfan extract fans will help keep moisture levels low, and even reduce strong cooking odours while they are improving their cooking skills!”, he said.

Our Cyfan centrifugal extract fans were installed in the apartment kitchens along with the communal kitchen. “Providing good indoor air quality will help protect the fabric of the new building, and keep condensation dampness at bay this winter”, explained Product Manager, Wendy Thomas. “We really are honoured to be involved in this special Children in Need and DIY SOS project. It was a very emotional story and we send out best wishes to Emma and her team for the fantastic work they carry out at Roots Foundation Wales.



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Drimaster-Eco Cuts Condensation for DIY-SOS Family in Bristol

A family fighting to bring their brain-damaged son home from hospital have had their dreams realised as their damp, cramped home is transformed by DIY-SOS, proudly supported by Nuaire.

Ryan Pollard, 24, has spent the last five years in a neurological centre, 50 miles away from his family in south Bristol, after a brain illness left him partially paralysed and in need of 24-hour specialist care.

Leading ventilation manufacturer, Nuaire donated its market-leading positive input ventilation system, Drimaster-Eco to the BBC TV series, DIY SOS – The Big Build, to help create a condensation-free, healthy indoor environment to support  Ryan’s on-going care and rehabilitation.

Unable to return home because his cramped, three bedroom house was not suitable for his wheelchair and too damp for his assisted breathing needs, Ryan had been forced to stay in hospital with daily visits from his mother.

The house needed a full ground-floor extension with a physio space, bedroom and wet room, with wheelchair access to the family kitchen and living areas. Without these facilities, a return home was not possible for Ryan, but with the generous support of local tradesmen and products from national suppliers, including Nuaire, the Pollard family have been reunited.

The Pollard family’s terraced property was described by DIY SOS presenter, Nick Knowles as ‘worryingly damp’ and ‘mouldy’. The wrong insulation, double glazing and leaky plumbing were cited as the cause of the black mould growing on walls and behind furniture.  Nuaire’s Drimaster-Eco PIV system was installed to prevent the build-up of condensation and improve the air quality in the home; vital to Ryan’s health and wellbeing.

Nuaire’s Residential Product Manager, Wendy Thomas explained: “Ryan and his family have been kept apart because their house was unfit for purpose. The work done by the DIY-SOS team was staggering and we are so pleased to have played a part in helping the Pollard family.

“The Drimaster-Eco system will allow them to breathe easily. It is designed as a fit-and-forget ventilation solution, only requiring a filter change every five years to maintain good indoor air quality. It’s the perfect solution for a family that have more important things to worry about, like helping Ryan to fulfil his goal of one-day walking again. It really is our absolute pleasure to contribute in a small way to such a life-changing scheme.”



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Nuaire’s Solution for Cleaner Indoor Air Starts With Drimaster-Eco

The trend to insulate our homes to make them more energy-efficient is directly linked to poor indoor air quality, and the problem is growing. The fabric-first approach to building new properties means that homes are warmer and cost less to heat, but without adequate ventilation they simply cannot breath. The stale air laden with moisture and indoor pollutants remains trapped inside the property, causing real damage to the building fabric and, worse still, to our health.

Ventilation manufacturer, Nuaire has pioneered many products designed to improve indoor air quality. Residential Product Manager, Wendy Thomas believes that educating homeowners and housebuilders about the danger of poor indoor air quality is the best way raise awareness. She explained: “Poor ventilation is a wide-scale problem. It is estimated that one in five UK households are poorly ventilated, leading to problems with streaming windows, mould growth and poor indoor air quality.”

Everyday activities like cooking on a gas stove, burning fuel on stoves and fires, using household cleaning and beauty products, and creating too much moisture, all create pollutants that remain trapped inside the home.

Over time and without adequate ventilation, these pollutants which include carbon dioxide, nitrogen dioxide, Radon gas, Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) and formaldehyde, can contribute towards heart disease, asthma and even lung cancer. “Because we can’t see these pollutants, it’s easy to ignore the issue until health problems appear”, Mrs Thomas continued.

Countless studies have proven than whole-house ventilation is the best method of removing these pollutants and reducing moisture levels. Invented by Nuaire in 1972 and now installed in millions of UK homes, Positive Input Ventilation or PIV is trusted alternative to MVHR which meets building regulations and is the most cost-effective method of whole-house ventilation.

The PIV strategy works by providing a continuous supply of fresh, filtered air into the house through a fan mounted in the loft. The gently warmed input air enters the home through a ceiling diffuser, creating a positive pressure effect that reduces humidity levels and forces out air pollutants. The air is continually diluted, displaced and replaced to create a healthy indoor environment in which condensation cannot exist. PIV is also recommended as a measure to significantly reduce harmful Radon gas levels for homes in affected areas across the UK.

A New Direction for PIV

Nuaire has recently unveiled a new development in PIV technology. Drimaster-Eco offers increased energy and cost-savings to the homeowner whilst being quicker and easier to install.

Working closely with customers was crucial to development of the new range, explained Mrs Thomas. “Many developers still choose to use cheap extract fans which, when installed, may not extract the correct amount of air to prevent condensation and damp problems. Drimaster-Eco is the perfect solution. Not only does it meet the ventilation requirement within building regulations, but it is a whole-house ventilation system that saves energy whilst improving indoor air quality.”

The new Drimaster-Eco range offers increased energy-savings and user controllability through a host of clever features, but it is the ease and speed of installation that will most appeal to housebuilders, the manufacturer believes.

“Our Drimaster-Eco systems can be installed in under one hour by one tradesman, with no external core cutting, no duct runs and minimal disruption. Installing one of our low-energy systems negates the need for trickle vents and extract fans, saving time and money during the works programme. The new range is designed to simplify installation but at the same time to ensure that the most robust and effective ventilation system is in place”, said Mrs Thomas.

The new Drimaster-Eco range boasts four models which offer increasing degrees of performance and energy-efficiency to meet the exact needs of the homeowner.

A unique feature is the sleek, circular ceiling diffuser which houses the system controls. This allows complete control of the unit from the hallway without having to enter the loft.

Unlike other PIV systems on the market, the Drimaster-Eco range offers twice as much filter area so the filters are more effective for longer. Maintenance is minimal as the filters are changed every five years.

Both the Drimaser-Eco-Link and Heat models boast the new, enhanced hall-control with innovative remote control and sensor capabilities. A radio frequency receiver pairs the system with a range of optional remote and wired sensors and switches. The Relative Humidity and CO2 sensors enable the Drimaster-Eco to respond accordingly when moisture and CO2 levels reach a set level. The two and four-way switches allow the homeowner to turn the integral heater on and off as required, and to boost the system at times when added ventilation is needed. This simple functionality puts the homeowner in full control of their indoor environment. 

Mrs Thomas explained: “We are hugely excited to be the first PIV manufacturer to offer true demand-control through our sensors and controls. These unique features will allow the homeowner to tailor the operation of the Drimaster-Eco to suit their lifestyles and to save energy when the house is unoccupied.”

Another clever feature which sets the range apart from the competition is the unique location of the integral heater in the Drimaster-Eco-Heat model.  Sited between the flexible duct and the diffuser, this ‘pioneering design’ uses more of the heat created to temper the air rather than losing 3 to 4 degrees of heat through the duct as per standard PIV designs.

Nuaire anticipate that the Drimaster-Eco will surpass the huge popularity of is original and iconic Drimaster thanks to its use of new technology.  Mrs Thomas said: “Poor indoor air quality is never far from the headlines and improving it is the starting point in all of our new product developments. The Drimaster-Eco range solves the problems with minimal energy and cost, and we can foresee its new features, such as the wireless controls and sensors, marking an exciting change of direction for PIV.”

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Fight Air Pollution with Nuaire's Ultra-Efficient Carbon Filter - IAQBOX

Air pollution now claims around 40,000 deaths each year. IAQBOX is a range of in-line carbon filters that remove up to 99.5% of nitrogen dioxide and other harmful pollutants from the air. 
Learn how Nuaire's IAQBOX Carbon Filter is leading the charge against air pollution in our video. 

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Get First Hand Ventilation Advice at the Southern Home Show London

Self-builders and home improvement enthusiasts can get first-hand advice on the best ventilation strategy for their properties at the forthcoming Southern Home Show in London from 31st January to 2nd February 2014.

Nuaire’s dedicated Self Build Team will be showcasing a full range of products, including Mechanical Heat Recovery (MVHR), Positive Input Ventilation (PIV) and the new Ductmaster thermal ducting range.  As well as product demos, self-builders can find out about the best methods of meeting building regulations and ensuring their ventilation strategy is effective and efficient.

Nuaire Design Estimator Llyr Davies explained: “The Southern Home Show London will be a great opportunity for home owners to get personalised tips directly from the experts. Visitors to the show can come and discuss their ventilation scheme with us, gain understanding on how the different systems work, see the design service that we can provide and ultimately get a free of charge, fully specified quote for their projects.”

Come and speak to Llyr and his team on stand number D19. For further details of Nuaire’s self-build and retrofit ventilation products you can download our Self Build Brochure or you can visit our website.

For information on the Southern Homeshow London, visit www.southernhomeshow.co.uk

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Dynamic Insulation Spot On For Green Deal

Nuaire, the market leader in the design and manufacture of commercial and domestic energy efficient ventilation systems, and Energyflo, experts in dynamic insulation technology for both new build and retrofit projects, have teamed up to complete an innovative carbon reduction retrofit project for Willmott Dixon and South Cambridgeshire Council.

Rampton Drift is a development of properties in Longstanton, Cambridge. Willmott Dixon, main contractor for the project, was looking to explore different retrofit technologies in a bid to improve energy efficiency and reduce carbon emissions.

Alan Cochran, Technical Director for Wilmott Dixon, said: "Dynamic Insulation was selected because it is one simple solution that easily integrates the insulation and ventilation system to improve energy efficiency and indoor air quality."

Leading the design consultation process was PRP Architects, which specified Energyflo's dynamic insulation to be retrofitted to the properties' external walls. , Nuaire was appointed to provide the ventilation solution to meet the carbon reduction objectives of the project.

Andrew Peacock, Technical Director from Energyflo said: "One of the key aspects of our unique technology is that we can deliver the solid wall U-values in hard to treat buildings well beyond any other external wall insulation from a thinner and less intrusive build footprint.

"We chose to work with Nuaire because they are leaders in ventilation technology and could provide the technical support needed. Nuaire's Positive Input Ventilation (PIV) technology integrates easily with dynamic insulation to provide one simple solution, which is highly effective yet hidden in the home, reducing household bills for occupants".

The Minister for Energy and Climate Change, Greg Barker, recently visited Rampton Drift to witness the homes piloting the Government's new 'Green Deal' initiative.

Launching next year, Green Deal supports the implementation of energy efficiency measures to households and businesses to reduce energy usage and save fuel costs.

Andy Mudie, Marketing Manager from Nuaire, said: "we have been using Positive Input Ventilation for both existing and new properties for many years. PIV is an ideal retrofit solution as it is easy to install and unobtrusive. The Rampton Drift project has been an opportunity to link ventilation and dynamic insulation to create an exciting new low carbon solution ."

Following on from the success of Rampton Drift, similar projects are being undertaken elsewhere in a bid to lower fuel costs, reduce energy usage in existing housing stock and go some way to helping the country towards its carbon reduction commitment.


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Nuaire Answers DIY SOS Call for Help!

When the DIY SOS team came to Monmouth to reunite a mother, devastated by a stroke, with her young family, Nuaire seized the chance to donate ventilation equipment.

The BBC DIY SOS programme filmed last April will air on TV tonight, telling the story of Charlotte Fairlie, her husband and her twin sons, whose lives were shattered when Charlotte suffered a major stroke just moments after giving birth.

Despite having just a one per-cent chance of survival, and suffering partial paralysis, brain damage and short-term memory loss, Charlotte has slowly taught herself to walk again and is making strides in her speech. 

However, the Fairlie family’s home was completely unsuited to the care and rehabilitation that Charlotte needed, and, with two babies to care for, the family were forced to spend much time apart.

Nominated for support from the prime-time BBC TV show, Charlotte’s home was transformed by a double-storey rear extension built to create a physio room and en-suite wet room, together with other adaptations to support the family.

Nuaire are proud to have supplied three Cyfan universal extract fans to ventilate the new parts of the Fairlie’s home, installed by Richard Petitt of RSP Plumbing and Heating.

The Cyfan extract fan is a powerful 60 litre extract fan that is quiet and very efficient. It will protect the fabric of the building and protect the home from excess moisture whilst improving the indoor air quality.

Residential Product Manager, Wendy Thomas, explained: “Our hearts went out to Charlotte and her family. We were delighted to play a small part in the transformation of their home which means that Charlotte can be with her husband and young sons whilst still receiving the care needed to get better.”

Nuaire learned of the Fairlie family’s plight through the brother of a Nuaire employee. Richard Petitt of RSP Plumbing and Heating played a key role in the installation of services to the new extension and was keen to involve Nuaire in the supply of ventilation equipment. 

Mrs Thomas continued: “Family is at the heart of Nuaire and the opportunity to help this family in need and support the brilliant work of the DIY SOS team has been truly rewarding.”

Watch this episode on BBC1 tonight, 9pm or on catch-up TV. 

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Nuaire Sets Up Stall at the Southern Home Build & Renovation Show

Self-builders and home improvement enthusiasts can get first-hand advice on the best ventilation strategy for their properties at the forthcoming Southern Home Build & Renovation Show.

The popular event  takes place on 28-29th June  at Sandown Park Surrey. Exhibiting at the show, Nuaire’s expert Self-Build Ventilation team will be on hand to explain which products are best suited to the particular property type, layout and needs of the individual. We will be showcasing a full range of products including our New award-nominated Ductmaster Thermal. The innovative all-in-one system solves the issue of insulating ducting through un-heated spaces; an area highlighted by the NHBC guidance document.  Visitors can also find out how to save heating and energy with our range of compact MVHR systems, and how to combat condensation and reduce allergens with our Drimaster Positive Input Ventilation (PIV), the UK’s most popular method of low energy whole home ventilation. 

Come and speak to the Self Build team on stand number 561. For further details of our self-build and retrofit ventilation products you can download our Self Build Brochure or click here.

Follow the link to claim your free ticket to the show


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