Nuaire Boosts XBC Production with £1million Manufacturing Investment

The UK market leader in commercial ventilation, Nuaire has reacted to increased demand for its flagship heat recovery range with an investment of £1 million into a state-of-the-art production line.

Since its launch in 2012, the XBC remains the UKs most popular packaged heat recovery range, renowned for its innovative, compact design. In order to match customer demand with quicker build times, Nuaire has made the substantial investment with the introduction of a flow-line manufacturing facility at its factory in Caerphilly.

Managing Director, Wayne Glover explains: “Traditionally, production operators have made XBC units by bench build, where each unit is built by hand from start to finish by one individual. With the new flow-line process, we can greatly reduce the build time for each unit, making a 30% improvement in productivity whilst retaining the same high quality that our products are known for.”

In order to achieve the ambitious build-time reductions, the manufacturing team has split production into 10 balanced operations, based on the tried and tested ‘Takt’ time principle. The new layout sits within the XBC cell’s existing footprint, and includes the introduction of workplace organisation, standard work and visual management to maintain an efficient working environment.

With powered rollers throughout the system, height-adjustable lift tables, and manual turntables which reduce operator movement, the new XBC flow line will deliver quicker build times and allow Nuaire to react faster to customer needs.

"This investment will enable us to match growing customer demand for the XBC range", continues Mr Glover. "We have worked hard to maintain the product's position as market leader by saving our customers energy and time-on-site. By implementing this flow-line process, we can ensure the same high quality for which the XBC range is known, whilst making more products on faster lead times."

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MD Wayne Glover Sets Out Clear Vision for Nuaire's Future

With a clear, determined vision of strengthening Nuaire’s reputation for innovation and quality, recently appointed Managing Director Wayne Glover has already achieved a number of the goals he set out to put Nuaire on this path, including investing in engineering and building customer engagement.

Wayne joined Nuaire in 1993 as a Product Development Engineer and through the next 24 years progressed in management and director roles in engineering, sales and commerce, to the post of Managing Director in January 2018. 

This in-depth experience across different aspects of the company has provided him with a rounded picture of Nuaire and a clear idea of where he wants to position the company and how to get there. “Nuaire is known as an industry leader when it comes to product”, states Wayne. “We were the first company in the industry to achieve BSI Quality Management ISO 9001:2015 accreditation for example.  I want to really focus the company on innovation and quality to drive growth.”

To move towards this, Wayne revised the management and Director level structure at Nuaire. “This has provided a reinvigorated team who are directly engaging with customers to really understand what their needs are and provide innovative solutions”, states Wayne. “I have also been working on getting the different divisions at Nuaire more engaged with each other, bringing sales and commercial closer together, which is already reaping rewards.”

Of course, for any manufacturing business investing in engineering is essential. Nuaire, with Wayne at the helm, has recently invested heavily in a revised production line for its flagship XBC range of high efficiency commercial heat recovery ventilation units. A new flow-line manufacturing process has been introduced which has seen a 30% improvement in productivity. 

Wayne’s extensive experience isn’t just confined to Nuaire, having entered the ventilation industry as an apprentice at the age of 16. “Originally, I was thinking of doing something in electronics, but it was the early 1980s and jobs were in short supply in Wales. I must have done 50 interviews around the UK before I secured an apprenticeship at Engart Fans in Hirwaun [Mid Glamorgan]. I learnt a lot from my time there and travelled around the world.”

For someone who has spent so long in one industry, Wayne is able to offer good insight into the changes that have taken place over the years: “Whereas air movement was the main aspect of the ventilation industry there has been a change of focus which has come with greater awareness of the effects of air quality. On the product side there has been considerable improvements in product efficiency with far superior air flow rates.”

After more than three decades in the ventilation sector, you might wonder if Wayne had considered a change of scene: “I doubt many 16-year olds start out with a plan to work in a particular sector, but I was lucky to get a job in the ventilation industry”, he claims. “It’s been challenging and, despite being quite specialised, I’ve enjoyed many different roles. It led me to Nuaire which is unique because of its family friendly atmosphere, even though it’s part of a large plc. The company has grown from 80 to 500 people in my time. A real strength of the company is that we all talk, engage and work together. It’s the kind of place where people support and help each other out. That’s hard to find.” 

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Nuaire Marks Clean Air Day with Launch of First Retrofit Carbon Filter PIV System

Leading ventilation manufacturer Nuaire, based in Caerphilly, Wales, hopes to prevent thousands of deaths caused by air pollution with what they believe is a revolutionary technology for existing homes.  To coincide with national Clean Air Day on 21st June, the company is launching the Noxmaster whole-house ventilation system for the retrofit market. 

The Noxmaster combines a powerful carbon filter with a strategy invented by Nuaire over 45 years ago, Positive Input Ventilation (PIV).  This combination removes up to 99.5% of nitrogen dioxide and other harmful pollutants generated by traffic emissions and industrial processes. The Noxmaster delivers clean, filtered air into urban homes, improving the indoor air quality to within safe levels, as recommended by the World Health Organisation (WHO). A recent WHO report cited 44 UK cities have air too toxic to breathe safely. 

The Royal College of Physicians estimates that up to 40,000 early deaths each year are the result of air pollution, with long-term exposure linked to lung and heart disease, asthma, stroke and cancer. Reducing exposure to air pollution is now a major government initiative, outlined most recently in the Environment Minister’s Clean Air Strategy.

Until now, using carbon filters to scrub airborne pollutants from indoor air has only been used with mechanical ventilation systems which are ducted from each room in a new build property. Retrofitting these systems into existing dwellings is both difficult and highly intrusive. However, Nuaire’s Noxmaster invention now means that any urban home with a loft can have a carbon filter ventilation system installed.

Nuaire Business Ops Director, Andy Mudie, explains the thinking behind this revolutionary product: “With rising air pollution levels, installing carbon filters in urban homes has become a planning condition in many parts of the country. But with an estimated 27 million existing homes in the UK, compared with 170,000 new homes built each year, the disparity is clear. The industry has been waiting for a solution for the millions of existing homes that are blighted by poor air quality, and this exciting new development addresses the issue for the wider population.

“Noxmaster is the first time a retrofitable whole-house ventilation system has addressed air quality with carbon filtration. It’s about giving homeowners and tenants living near busy roads the peace of mind that, by installing a system in their loftspace, their long-term health will be safeguarded.”

Noxmaster combines the PIV strategy with a powerful carbon filter that removes up to 99.5 of nitrogen dioxide and up to 75% of particulate matter (PM2.5). Exposure to NOX and PM2.5 reduces life expectancy through a range of diseases including lung cancer, dementia and diabetes.

Nuaire is currently running tests with Noxmaster at Hafodyrynys, Caerphilly - the most polluted street in Wales.  A controlled test house has been monitored for a number of months to show the difference between the pollution levels at the roadside, the pollution levels in a typical property, and the greatly reduced NOX levels with the Noxmaster installed. Test results are likely to be available in early August.

With growing concerns over air pollution levels, an increasing number of homeowners are taking steps to monitor and control the quality of their indoor air using consumer products such as air purifiers. Nuaire Product Development Manager, Richard Jenkins, believes this may lead to a false sense of security: “Removing gases and particulates from the indoor air is complex and requires a process that filters the air throughout the property.

Air purifiers can only treat the air in one room, and their effectiveness depends on the room’s exact size, its use and proximity to the roadside. In short, you would need a purifier in every room in the home and that would still be far less effective than providing a single source of filtered air through a mechanical system, as the Noxmaster does.”

Adding carbon filtration to PIV has another major benefit in that it keeps condensation levels low. Mr Jenkins explained: “The PIV process used by Noxmaster treats the whole property, ensuring the air is constantly diluted and replaced with fresh, filtered air. Humidity is a major indoor pollutant, which leads to condensation dampness and mould growth. It keeps moisture levels low, whilst also forcing out pollutants generated by household cleaning and beauty products, cooking with fuel and using wood-burning stoves.”

With over 400 staff based in Caerphilly, Nuaire is a large employer for South Wales and an integral part of the community.  To raise awareness of the importance of air quality, Nuaire is holding an Air Quality Interactive Workshop with a local primary school, Cwrt Rawlin, on national Clean Air Day. The Workshop, which runs from 10am – 12pm, features engaging and fun presentations and scientific experiments looking at indoor air quality, how to reduce air pollutants in the home including positive input ventilation, and a Cyclone Ball game with teams challenged to remove the most ‘NOX particle’ balls.  A factory tour will be included, showing Nuaire’s world class manufacturing facilities. 

As part of the event a team of eight Nuaire employees has also plant an Air Quality Garden at Cwrt Rawlin School to encourage school children to think about ways to reduce air pollution. 

Find out more about Noxmaster here. 

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Nuaire Promotes Andy Mudie to Marketing & Business Operations Director

Andy Mudie is the Marketing & Business Operations Director at Nuaire.

Ventilation manufacturer Nuaire is pleased to announce the promotion of Andy Mudie to the new post of Marketing & Business Operations Director.

2018 sees Andy celebrating a decade at Nuaire, having joined the company in 2008 as Marketing Manager. He has worked at both Marketing and Business Development Director levels at Nuaire since 2014 and sees the amalgamation of these the two roles as providing an opportunity for him to focus on all aspects of customer facing services.

A fully qualified chartered engineer and marketer, Andy has always worked in B2B engineering organisations, joining Nuaire from fluid engineering company IMI. The move from a large plc to a much smaller company with a more family feel to it was a welcome one, as Andy comments: “I learnt a huge amount at IMI but after ten years of working in a variety of roles across different divisions and countries, I wanted to really focus on one role and marketing was the most interesting for me. Nuaire still retains the entrepreneurial feel of a family-owned company despite its size and turnover and has such a different decision-making culture to what I was used to, despite it being part of a larger plc. The running of the company feels very dynamic and the people are great – really passionate about what they do - which is why I’ve stayed so long and why I’m very much looking forward to this new role.”  It’s also one of the reasons the company has doubled its turnover in the past eight years, Andy believes.

As Marketing & Business Operations Director, Andy has responsibility for the main sales office and marketing for both Nuaire and sister company Domus Ventilation. In his new role, he is currently examining all the different operations of the business to see where services can be improved and where new service offerings could be added. “Product is one part of what we do” states Andy. “Clearly it’s fundamental, but I’m tasked with looking at the wider proposition and seeing where we can add genuine value to the business.”

Andy is also Vice Chair - Services, Creative and Events of the new Wales CIM Board.

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Nuaire Celebrates Customer Service Week

Leading ventilation manufacturer, Nuaire will recognise its loyal customers and the staff that serve them with an action-packed schedule of events for National Customer Service Week, 2 – 6 October 2017. 

Commencing today is a full programme of activities, competitions and awards, which will encourage staff from across the business to engage with one-another, share best-practice and have some fun.

Commercial Order Processing Manager, Kathryn Devine explained: “As a company, we’re continually striving to improve our support to customers, and Customer Service Week is a great opportunity to recognise and reward the front-line advisers for their commitment and dedication.

As a business that sells direct to its customers, Nuaire has built up a reputation for providing excellent service and support. This week, the company will focus on and reward its staff whilst seeking new ideas and initiatives to further improve customer satisfaction. “I’m really pleased at how the teams are getting into the spirit of Customer Service Week. We have some great activities planned this week, from fun competitions that test product and company knowledge to tasks that focus on our customers and recognise what makes excellent customer service”, said Kathryn.

At the end of each day, the management team at Nuaire will honour a peer-nominated member of the team who has demonstrated first-class customer service. And as the week draws to a close, the five ‘star of the day’ members will receive a special award from the management team.

Kathryn continued: “We’re looking forward to a lively and engaging week of activities and to aligning people from across the business with our ethos on providing excellent customer service. By the end of what promises to be a fun week, I’m confident that we will have some fresh, new ideas on how to better support our new and existing customers, which is ultimately what Customer Service Week is all about.”


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World's 1st Custom Gold Fan Produced by Nuaire

Leading ventilation manufacturer Nuaire has been commissioned to develop a special, one-off bathroom fan in gold, to complement the overall décor of a very distinguished customer.

After seeing recent coverage of another fan manufacturer who showed a gold fan, Nuaire’s customer – who wants to remain anonymous – felt that it was exactly what was required in his luxurious bathroom redesign, and contacted the company to commission the one-off, exclusive version of the very successful Cyfan.

As gold isn’t Nuaire’s usual material of choice, the firm took advice from local Caerphilly goldsmiths Celtic Gold, and they were delighted to help create a gold extract fan.  Nuaire’s first idea was to reference their Welsh heritage by using only Welsh gold, however Celtic Gold’s owner Alan Jones revealed that there wouldn’t be enough Welsh gold available to produce a fan!  Creating a Cyfan in solid 9 carat gold would have cost more than £400,000, so a one-off special build with gold plating was produced for an undisclosed cost.

The customer was delighted with the result, and the exclusive nature of this piece, and felt that it blended beautifully with the rest of his gold bathroom.

Nuaire’s marketing director Andy Mudie commented: “It was a great honour to be able to produce this hugely special fan, but it’s not something we are looking to be part of our range. We can pull out all the stops for special occasions though. Watch this space.”

While you won't find any gold units, be sure to browse the Nuaire Cyfan as part of our range of Extract Fans

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Nuaire Named Triple Finalist of H&V News Awards

Smart thinking from leading ventilation manufacturer, Nuaire has earned the company no less than three nominations in the H&V News Awards. 

Boxer Packaged Solutions, Nuaire’s catalogue air handling unit range, is nominated for both ‘Air Movement Product of the Year’ and ‘Commercial HVAC Product of the Year - Cooling/Ventilation’. The Q-Aire 1Z all-in-one MVHR and acoustic enclosure is nominated for Best Domestic Ventilation Product of the Year.

The prestigious award ceremony, now in its 23rd year, celebrates innovation and the highest achievements across the building services industry.

While the applications are poles apart, the two products share one common theme. Both Boxer Packaged Solutions (BPS) and the Q-Aire 1Z are designed to meet the biggest challenges facing consultants and contractors in their respective sectors.

Boxer Packaged Solutions (BPS) is a highly-efficient semi-centralised AHU range. After 16 years of designing bespoke AHUs, Nuaire has channelled its knowledge into creating its first standard pre-selected catalogue range up to 6m3/s.

Innovation is evident in the carefully selected sizes, driven by extensive experience and customer interaction. The increments and options for ‘flow versus pressure’ have been chosen to suit the most common customer requests, allowing Nuaire’s customers to specify a unit that is just right for the application.

Nuaire’s Business Development Director, Andy Mudie explained: “BPS gives customers an AHU range that is easy to select and quick to order. And as it’s a catalogue range, we are able to build-in extra features such as pre-wiring and build-in, factory tested controls. These features save customers time and money without sacrificing performance.”

The thermal wheel and plate heat exchangers are up to 94% efficient, and the addition of the pre-wired Ecosmart Control Platform affords users full controllability of their energy-usage at the touch of a button.

The unique construction of BPS is ‘patent applied for’ and meets the highest levels of classification. Its super-strong construction further reduces energy consumption by preventing heat loss and leakage, and reduces condensation damage.

On the residential side, Nuaire’s Q-Aire range of products is designed to complement its market-leading MVHR range. The Q-Aire 1Z is a fully acoustically-treated, all-in-one unit that represents a new direction for MVHR noise solutions. The 1Z places the MVHR system together with a 4-way attenuator, AV-mounts and flexible duct connections all within a sleek, modern acoustic enclosure.

The first of its kind in the domestic ventilation industry, the 1Z solves the problem of MVHR vibration, in-duct and breakout noise all at once. These noise issues have become commonplace in city apartment building where MVHR systems are being used to tackle overheating, but are subject to strict acoustic criteria.

Mr Mudie commented: “The 1Z product really is a game-changer, and we’re delighted it is shortlisted for a H&V News award. The 1Z solves the growing MVHR noise problem facing housebuilders due to the lightweight fabric construction of urban apartments, the issue of overheating and the additional factor of external noise and air pollution. In this way, it is both a highly innovative and highly realistic design.”

The winners will be announced during the glittering awards ceremony at the Grosvenor House Hotel, London on 20 April 2017. 

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New Group Managing Director leads the way at Nuaire

Nuaire, world leader in the design, manufacture and distribution of energy efficient domestic, commercial, industrial ventilation and control equipment, has announced the appointment of a new group managing director.

Mark Huxtable will be responsible for the management of the business' and will oversee all core company functions including sales, marketing, finance, product development, procurement, and manufacturing.

A Chartered Engineer with a degree in Manufacturing Systems Engineering, Mr Huxtable joined Nuaire in 1988 and moved quickly from a development engineering role into the realms of manufacturing.

Having joined the board of Nuaire in 1994, the 49-year-old from Newport moved to France for three years as President of its subsidiary AREM, one of Europe's largest manufacturers of high temperature axial fans, acquired by Nuaire in 1998. After successfully integrating the business within the group, Mr Huxtable returned to Nuaire's UK base in Caerphilly as group manufacturing and engineering director whilst retaining responsibility for the French operation.

On his promotion to group managing director, Mr Huxtable said: "My objective is to continue the trend of profitable growth and to establish a sustainable, three-year business plan with a strategy that underpins the growth requirements of the shareholders. We will be working to implement what is an ambitious strategic plan but one which the business and its people are fully capable of achieving."

Nuaire is currently backed by private equity firm Electra Partners LLP. Mr Huxtable, together with the group financial director Mr Robert Parry, was part of the original management buyout team in 2007.

Mr Huxtable continued: "Against the backdrop of a construction industry which is currently experiencing challenging times, we must continue to focus on development and innovation not only in terms of our products but also in the way we do business in order to capture a bigger slice of a static to diminishing market."

With a turnover in the region of £65million, Nuaire recently benefited from Welsh Government funding to assist it in securing major new factory equipment. The purchase of new sheet metal processing equipment represented an investment in the region of £2.2 million by the business, making Nuaire the most heavily invested ventilation manufacturer in the UK.

Mr Huxtable added: "We will also be continuing to grow our presence in terms of international markets, particularly the Middle East but also with a firm objective of seeking new opportunities that may exist in other emerging world markets. Nuaire is one of the few ventilation experts to have successfully developed a reputation for specialist knowledge and product innovation across residential, commercial and industrial markets. This versatility, together with unrivalled expert industry experience, is an attribute which continues to set us apart from our competitors and places us very much at the forefront of both the UK and European ventilation industry."

Nuaire now employs more than 450 people worldwide and has been considered a leader within the ventilation industry since 1963. Based in Wales, the business occupies 250,000 sq ft of space across its premises in Caerphilly and Bedwas, with further facilities in France, Dubai, and Ireland.

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Nuaire to feature on BBC Radio Wales, Wales At Work Programme

BBC Radio Wales will be profiling Nuaire on this week’s Wales At Work Programme.

Discussing the world of work and business within Wales, the programme hosted by Nick Servini, will feature Nuaire’s Technical Director Colin Biggs.

The programme will be broadcast this Thursday, the 21st of March 2013 at 6.30pm and repeated on Sunday 24th of March at 6.30am.

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Ventilation Experts Nuaire to Share Ideas and Advice through Industry Blog

Following a recent string of high profile industry awards for product innovation and manufacturing processes, UK ventilation manufacturer Nuaire has chosen to share the expertise and knowledge of its talented workforce through a new company blog.

“As a British manufacturer, we are well known for designing and manufacturing innovative, low-energy ventilation products, and for coming up with new strategies that help answer industry needs”, explained Andy Mudie, Nuaire Marketing Director. “However, we don’t often get the opportunity to share the ideas and opinions of the people within the company that drive the business.”

“The Nuaire blog will put the spotlight firmly on key members of staff from across the company’s engineering, commercial, sales, marketing and training departments, demonstrating the value we place on our people and our faith in their expertise.”

Mr Mudie himself, often cited in industry publications such as H&V News and CIBSE Journal, sees the Nuaire blog as a way of sharing his views on the challenges facing the building services industry.  “Blogging is something that some of the team are fairly new to, however they often provide advice at by phone, email and in person at meetings and events. They have found the process of sharing opinions on hot industry topics to be very enlightening”, he added.

The blog team will offer the latest insight and guidance on topics from all market sectors such as BIM modelling, controls, MVHR installation best practice, tackling condensation, indoor air quality, acoustic guidelines, and the impact of building regulations.

Visit the Nuaire blog

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