Nuaire's MRXBOX-ECO2 (formerly MRXBOX95-WM2) is designed to provide optimised balance (supply & extract) mechanical ventilation with heat recovery.

This unit is a cost-effective MVHR solution for medium-sized properties, with high performance offering low Specific Fan Power (SFP), helping you achieve a high SAP score and meet current building regulations. 

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The MRXBOX-ECO2 (formerly MRXBOX95-WM2) is powerful yet compact. Using the latest technology of low watt DC fans, this robust unit provides high efficiency, high resistance and very low noise.

Designed specifically for medium-sized properties, the MRXBOX-ECO2 offers low Specific Fan Power (SFP) and its high performance design will help you meet current building regulations whilst providing effective, year-round ventilation.

Features & Benefits:

  • Building Regulations - SAP eligible products and Part F & L Building Regulations compliant
  • Compact - Lightweight and easy to install
  • Fan controls - Designed for quick and easy commissioning
  • Free of charge code advisory service - Taking the stress out of specifying
  • Full design -  Nuaire can supply solution package
  • Easy accessible filters from front cover - No tools required
  • Constant quiet running fans - Ensuring occupant acceptability
  • Integral frost protection
  • Available in opposite handed format - OH model
  • Optional Humidistat Sensor - for automatic boost facility
  • 5 year warranty - 1 year parts and labour, remaining years parts only (UK and Ireland only)

MRXBOX-ECO2 Technical Information

  • Size - 607x507x356mm
  • Weight - 20kg
  • Filters - G3

The MRXBOX-ECO2 is designed specifically for medium-sized new build properties. This wall or cupboard-mounted unit is compact and lightweight, yet powerful enough to ventilate up to five wet rooms.

  • Optional sensors
  • Acoustic solution - 4 way silencer (MRXBOX-SIL2)
  • Acoustic solution first fix box (MXRBOX-FF2)
  • Acoustic solution silencer + first fix box (MRXBOX-SIL2+FF2)
  • Visual system controller compatible