Acoustic Solution

Acoustic Solution for MRXBOX-ECO3. This residential heat recovery fan offers the only complete MVHR acoustic and first fix solution to cover come both noise and ease in the installation of a wall mounting MRXBOX-ECO3 unit.

Nuaire's solution addresses both duct and breakout noise providing an aesthetically pleasing installation for the home occupant. 

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Nuaire’s First Fix and Acoustic Solution are designed to not only reduce noise but to improve the installation when wall or cupboard mounting the MRXBOX-ECO2 & MRXBOX-ECO3 MVHR systems.  Offering the only complete MVHR acoustic and first fix solution to overcome both noise and ease the installation of heat recovery units; Nuaire’s solution addresses both duct and breakout noise; provides an aesthetically pleasing cupboard installation for the home occupant and reduces installation errors and time.

Features & Benefits:

  • Easy Installation – Significantly reduces overall installation time
  • Simple Set Up – No banding of ducts from spigots
  • Ease of Positioning – Prevents issues associated with lining up of spigots to units
  • Negates the need for flexible ducts – To overcome lining up issues and adding additional resistance/noise to the system
  • Promotes Best Practice Installation – Peace of mind
  • Full ventilation, noise analysis as part of your design – Nuaire’s full acoustic analysis software will calculate anticipated NR levels from the ventilation system and provide accurate noise levels both with and without acoustic attenuation

Please refer to our downloads section for the current technical specification

The acoustic solution unit has been designed specifically to ventilate medium to large sized houses and apartments. The Acoustic Solution has ben designed to reduce noise levels and installations issues when wall or cupboard mounting MRXBOX-ECO2 & MRXBOX-ECO3.