£125M Green Deal Cashback Scheme Opens

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Householders who use the Green Deal to make improvements such as loft insulation, solid wall insulation and new heating systems can qualify for the £125m Green Deal Cashback scheme that opened yesterday.

The more work households decide to have done, the more cash they receive with packages that could be worth over £1,000 on offer.

To qualify for the Cashback Scheme households need to book a Green Deal property assessment so they are then ready to have improvements installed under Green Deal from the 28th of January 2013. Energy and Climate Change Secretary Edward Davey has advised that allocation is done on a first come first serve basis and recommends households get in early.

For more information on the Cashback Scheme click here or for more information on the Green Deal and other Green Improvement initiatives, visit Nuaire’s knowledge section of our website.

Nuaire recommends when making energy improvements to your home consideration is given to ensuring your home is adequately ventilated. There are numerous benefits to making energy improvements to properties. Warm air is kept in, lowering energy usage which is good for the environment whilst also helping to reduce energy bills. However, the impact of making properties more air tight is the reduction in natural ventilation.

Everyday activities such as washing, cooking and even sleeping produce around two litres of moisture per person, per day! Energy improvements, such as external insulation, result in minimal air leakage meaning there are fewer gaps within your property for the moisture to escape through and as a result condensation dampness can start to form.

Condensation dampness can not only damage properties with mould growth but are also damaging to the health of occupants. When undertaking energy improvements it is imperative that you eliminate the possibility of condensation dampness and consider how best to adequately ventilate your property. Find out more about Nuaire’s cost effective solutions by clicking here

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