Nuaire Fan Is Installed on International Space Station

Nuaire ISS

Nuaire Goes Interstellar with Installation of First Extract Fan on International Space Station

Nuaire is excited to be the first ventilation company to be specified on an outer-world project – the International Space Station (ISS). A window-mounted XS unit with built-in anti-gravity shutters will be installed on the prestigious $150 billion project, providing some much needed fresh air to the onboard astronauts.

Space station crew stated: “it will be nice to get some air movement through the station; it can get quite stuffy at times. Hopefully, it doesn’t get too drafty!”

Due to a growing demand for more and more interstellar ventilation, Nuaire has invested in its own Galactic Enquiries team. Intergalactic Sales Director, Buzz Armstrong commented: “to infinity and beyond!”


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