Nuaire Announced As National Business Awards Finalist

Today, Nuaire has been nominated for the Market Gravity Innovation Award in the 2014 National Business Awards. 

Going up against high profile companies including British Gas Service & Repair, Heathrow Airport Ltd, and Steelite International PLC, Nuaire will compete for the prestigious award at a judging round in September. The winner will be revealed at the National Business Awards gala dinner held on 11November at Park Lane’s Grosvenor House Hotel in London.

Nuaire Marketing Director Andy Mudie said: “The Innovation Award recognises all forms of successfully applied innovation, celebrating the ideas that have had the greatest impact on an industry. The XBOXER XBC is our market-leading commercial heat recovery range that is taking the building services industry by storm due to its energy-efficiency, size, low noise and flexible installation options. We are delighted that the XBC’s design and development process has been recognised by the National Business Awards shortlist panel as demonstrating true innovation.”

Nuaire’s XBOXER XBC range has been enthusiastically received by the construction industry since its launch and is set to penetrate further in the UK and EU. Under 18 months into its lifecycle, it is already the fastest selling heat recovery system in Nuaire’s commercial product portfolio. 

John Welsh, Managing Director, Digital & Content, UBM Live, judge for the Innovation Award category, said: “Having pinpointed a need for classroom ventilation, but with rising use in offices and hospitals, Nuaire planned to design a product aimed at ventilating classrooms that could also be used in other building types. Nuaire's XBOXER XBC range, launched in January 2013, has since become Nuaire's fastest selling commercial product and received a top industry accolade in winning the CIBSE Energy-Saving Product Award in 2014.”

Mudie continued: “Innovation is one of Nuaire’s core values and is promoted from the factory floor to the highest level of management.  Glowing testimonials from industry bodies and high profile customers, as well as the industry stamp of approval of winning the CIBSE Award, are evidence that the XBC range addresses the challenges and often conflicting needs of consultants, contractors and end users.  This Innovation Award nomination is a feather in the cap for the company.”

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Nuaire’s Uni-X Range Makes the Grade

Leading ventilation manufacturer, Nuaire has today unveiled Uni-X, a new heat recovery range designed specifically for student accommodation, which it believes will create the ideal environment for living and studying.

The UNI-X range meets the needs of student accommodation designers, setting the range apart with higher efficiency, lower SFPs and class-leading noise levels.

Commercial Sales Director, Rob Erwood explained: “Gone are the days when students lived in dingy shared houses with mouldy walls. Today’s students, especially the overseas students, demand a much higher standard of living. They want that ‘home-from-home’ experience, and in order to create that, student accommodation developers and contractors are looking towards purpose-made heat recovery systems like UNI-X, that offer low noise, better indoor air quality and simple controls.”

Achieving low noise-levels is of particular importance to students, whose ability to study can be affected by disruption caused by ambient noise. The unique casing design of the UNI-X range boasts internal profiling and external acoustic cladding to ensure the ultra-low noise levels required to create the optimum learning environment. The range also benefits from an automatic 100% bypass facility, which will guarantee the delivery of fresh, clean air in the summer months.

“Providing smart, comfortable spaces for students is a major growth area in UK construction”, explained Mr Erwood. While self-contained studio apartments are more lucrative, studies have shown that the style of accommodation best-suited to the needs of students is communal living with shared spaces for studying and socialising. With this in mind, Nuaire has based the sizes of the UNI-X range around the most common configurations, so consultants can now specify exactly the right sized system for their needs.”

UNI-X220 is designed for properties with up to 4 bedrooms plus kitchen and communal living spaces. UNI-X360 ventilates properties with up to 8-bed cluster. The largest MVHR in the range, UNI-X580 will meet the needs of properties with up to 12-bed cluster. Unique to Nuaire, UNI-X580 option will give customers greater flexibility, allowing them to ventilate larger clusters with just one MVHR system.

Several smart design features of UNI-X will enable customers to save time, labour and space when specifying the range. A unique positioning template, supplied with each unit, speeds up the installation process. With a maximum depth of just 295mm, the range fits neatly into low ceiling voids. And once installed, the maintenance of the systems has also been considered with G3 filters made accessible from the underside of the unit via moulded retainers.

UNI-X offers simple controllability with three speed settings that can be individually adjusted for site requirements. Poor air quality can be a major factor in student accommodation design, with sites often located in busy urban areas. Where required, Uni-X is complemented by Nuaire’s in-line carbon filter range, IAQ-BOX, which filters out up to 99.5% of harmful N02 and up to 80% of Particulate Matter (PM), before it enters the property.

The new range can be specified with Nuaire’s award-winning, all-in-one thermal ducting range: Ductmaster Thermal, to improve thermal efficiency and reduce time on site.

A further boon to consultants, Nuaire is able to offer a free design service to ensure the most effective ventilation design and optimum performance of the UNI-X systems. 

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