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Our team at Nuaire are here to help and support you throughout your project, from meeting regulations to avoiding damp disrepair claims. Our products cure and prevent condensation, but we offer more than that. We can help you with:

  • Condensation Solutions

  • Being Compliance With Regulations

  • Avoiding Damp & Disrepair Claims


Ventilation Best-Practice 

Our team are also on-hand to offer free support and advice to help tackle problems and improve the indoor air quality in your properties. We can help you select the most suitable ventilation product for the job. We can help train surveyors and installer and give expert installation advice.

As active members of numerous industry bodies, Nuaire promotes ventilation installation best-practice. We offer free CPD training workshops on mould and condensation. We have a team of experienced sales representatives who can come to a location to hold an in-house CPD seminar for your team. All those attending will gain full CPD credits and certificates.

If you have a DLO or sub-contract to ventilation installers, Nuaire offers free ventilation training that is BPEC and NICEIC accredited. Installing PIV and extract fans in-house can save you time and money, and we’ll teach your teams how to carry out high-quality, safe installations in less time.

Get in touch today with your local sales representative to find out how we can save you hassle, time and expense with our added-value support.

To find out how Nuaire can help your team, speak to one of our Residential Advisors on 029 2085 8500 or email:




Damp and Disrepair Claims

A recent rise in social housing disrepair claims has seen local authorities in England pay out tens of millions of pounds in compensation and legal fees. Disrepair claims rose from 1,694 in 2011-2012, to 2,440 in 2015, while 75 local authorities disclosed payments made for disrepair claim compensation and legal fees totalling £35m. So how can you best avoid them?

In order for disrepair to occut, it is assumed that the property was firstly provided in a 'good' state. Disrepair can oocur as a result of condensation dampness, which leads to mould growth and disrepair of the building fabric and structure (including plaster and window frames). This can make the property unsafe to live in and can lead to costly repairs and potentially rehousing the tenants during the procedure

Providing adequate whole-house ventilation along with tenant advice on reducing humidity is the best way to avoid the problems that can lead to costly disrepair claims.

Find out more about how we can support you by contacting your local sales representitive or read more in our blog