Lovell, The Mill in Cardiff

Drimaster-Eco Saves Time and Costs in New Build Scheme

Drimaster-Eco PIV was chosen as a quick and cost-effective ventilation strategy for Lovell's Cardiff development, The Mill. The Drimaster-Eco is a non-intrusive whole-home system that protects the home from condensation dampness and improves indoor air quality. The unit is installed in the loftspace with no core-cutting and only one incision required for the circular ceiling diffuser. By gently pressuring the home with a constant flow of fresh, filtered air, the Dri-Eco reduces humidity levels and reduces the build-up of N02, VOCs and other indoor pollutants by diluting, displacing and replacing the stale air. 

With a BBA certificate and proven track record - having been invented by Nuaire in 1973 - Dri-Eco is now being used as a simple yet highly-effective strategy for new-build homes as well as it's traditional RMI market.



Thanks to our qualified installer, Jason Barnes of JSL Electrical and the team at Lovell for taking part in our video case study. To find out more about Drimaster-Eco, contact our Residential Team on 02920 858 500