Introducing UNI-X

UNI-X is a range of high-performance heat recovery units specifically designed for student accommodation.

Student accommodation comes in all shapes and sizes including communal lounges and kitchens, and individual bedroom or study areas, through to 12-bed clusters.

Nuaire appreciates that Student accommodation often requires unique solutions. With this in mind, we have developed an extensive range of ventilation products to ensure the highest level of indoor air quality with the lowest level of occupier interaction.

The UNI-X range meets the needs of student accommodation designers, setting the range apart with higher efficiency, lower SFPs and class-leading noise levels. 



Optional boost switch

Illuminated touch sensor button run on timer switch. Boost swtiches settable between 2 minutes and 8 hours (optional ancillary).

Optional Filtration

Easy to maintain - G3 filters fitted as standard to both supply and extract. Air paths can be accessed from underside of unit. Carbon filter options are available.

As an optional ancillary, providers can select a carbon filter through our IAQBOX range of units. This helps stop many different VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) further increasing the indoor air quality of occupants. This removes up to 99.5% NO2 from the air via UNI-X heat recovery systems.

Class leading noise levels - Unique casing design with internal profiling and external acoustic cladding ensures lower noise levels.

Installation template 

A mounting template is provided with every UNI-X unit making installation quick and easy.

Optional Spigots

Uni-X spigots are available with either rectangluar spigots (220x90mm) or circular spigots (150mm) as standard.

Integral mounting

helps reduce further installation time.

Nuaire’s Uni-X Range Makes The Grade

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UNI-X For Student Accomodation

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