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Introducing Q-Aire 1Z

Ideal for apartment ventilation where MVHR systems are often run at maximum speeds to mitigate overheating, the 1Z is a neat and effective noise solution for designers and contractors.

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The Q-Aire 1Z is a fully acoustically-treated, all-in-one unit that solves the problem of MVHR vibration and breakout noise, all at once. By integrating the MVHR unit and flexible duct connections within an enclosure and supporting the internals on anti-vibration mounts, both noise and vibration are isolated.

Lightweight walls in apartment design offer little mass to absorb the noise and vibration from MVHR systems, especially when run at the highest speeds to overcome overheating. This is putting designers at risk of exceeding noise requirements specified in Part F of Building Regulations and the CIBSE guidelines.

The first product of its kind, the Q-Aire 1Z tackles noise by placing the MVHR system together with a four-way attenuator, AV-mounts and flexible duct connections, all within a sleek, modern acoustic enclosure.
The 1Z removes the need for heavy-weight, expensive acoustic treatment to service cupboard walls. All this comes in a smart, white-goods finish that is infinitely neater than solutions currently in use.

The 1Z replaces the time-consuming, often inaccurate and untidy noise mitigation solutions that are commonly seen on apartment design projects, giving designers a more effective and easily replicable solution to tackling MVHR noise issues on site. An additional benefit, the 1Z is ideally-suited to the construction of service cupboards being used in off-site construction.

Innovation and high-quality design have been paramount in the design of this unique solution. The 1Z considers all elements of noise and vibration. Its design doesn’t require better quality build fabric. It enables the consultant to meet strict noise guidelines in the planning stage, and enables the contractor to fit a standard all-in-one solution, rather than designing an on-site solution that could change with each installation.

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