Indoor Air Pollution

Air pollution causes as many as 40,000 early deaths each year. It is made up of mainly Particulate Matter and Nitrogen Dioxide. Particulate matter (PM) are small specks of matter such as soot, primarily generated from diesel engines. Nitrogen Dioxide (N02 or NOX) are gases generated by vehicles, combustions or by chemical reactions in the atmosphere.

Nitrogen Dioxide, also known as NOX…..

Tiny particles of PM2.5 get into the lungs and blood stream, where they can cause cancer, heart and lung disease.

Vulnerable people suffer the most harm from air pollution, including those living in deprived areas which often have higher air pollution; those living or working near busy roads; young and older people, and those with existing medical conditions.

Air pollution reduces quality of life and increases mortality. Nuaire’s Noxmaster is the first retro-fit carbon filter ventilation solution for existing homes in areas of high air pollution. Suitable for any home with a loftspace, installation is non-intrusive and operation is low on energy. Find out more here


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