Ecosmart Connect Control - NEW Energy efficient demand based control expanded to provide network connectivity and advanced functionality. 

Available with a new range of BACnet compatible ‘Plug and Play’ room sensors. Full BMS integration via BACnet MS/TP (BACnet IP via optional additional router).

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  • QUICK & EASY TO INSTALL- All controls are pre-assembled, configured and installed directly into the fan or air handling unit, this includes two 4-port motorised valves and actuators, pipework, off coil thermostats and internal sensors, frost protection, etc. Site time is kept to a minimum, quality and efficiency maintained
  • EASILY ADJUSTABLE - No wasted energy or noise generation because the air volume can be precisely set via the LCD commissioning tool or by a wall mounted LCD panel
  • SIMPLE, PRECISE COMMISSIONING - Ecosmart Connect enables the system to be accurately commissioned via an integrated speed control, minimum and maximum speeds easily adjusted via a remote LCD panel
  • QUIETER SYSTEM - With Ecosmart Connect your system is only at maximum design duty when absolutely necessary. The noise levels within your systems are lower because the fans or air handling units are rarely at full speed.
  • IMPROVED LIFECYCLE - Ecosmart Connect enables the fan or air handling unit to be run at lower speeds. This reduces the maximum load and wear and therefore increases the overall working life of the units
  • HEALTHY ATMOSPHERE - Ecosmart Connect has a trickle function as standard which when activated, via a commissioning tool which enables you to set a background ventilation rate, keeping the rooms fresh when unoccupied, whilst still saving energy. System will boost or ramp to maximum design duty when triggered by an Ecosmart or other external device
  • PLUG IN CONTROLS - Simple low voltage sensors complete with preassembled cable means that any control function is easily achieved. You decide which conditions to monitor and the system will operate at the optimum speed. No commissioning is required for these sensors
  • MULTIFUNCTION SENSORS - Ecosmart Connect sensors are available with multiple sensor functions in one small compact unit. Such as PIR and temperature, or 3 Speed Fan Override, temperature and setpoint adjust
  • ROOM TEMPERATURE CONTROL - The Ecosmart Connect control strategy is set by default to regulate the supply air temperature, but if a suitably sized heater is fitted, the strategy can be modified to regulate the room air temperature instead. This allows Ecosmart Connect to be more efficient and economical at maintaining a constant room temperature
  • LCD PANEL - Ecosmart Connect is available with a remote LCD panel that can operate a network of Ecosmart Connect controllers. It is BACnet compatible and can read/write any BACnet variables on the network. This allows the installation of networks of Ecosmart Connect controllers without the need of any extra complex components such as servers or network hubs.  This is ideal for single installations or small networks alike
  • BACnet INTERFACE - Integrated BACnet features enable any central system to control and monitor the fan or air handling unit via MS/TP (IP Ethernet optional router available). This enables monitoring of every BACnet variable including individual room sensors. Variables can also be written allowing full control of the unit from a centralised remote location
  • BACKWARDS COMPATIBILITY - Although Ecosmart Connect is equipped with a modern BACnet network interface, it still comes as standard with switched live inputs, volt free inputs, 0-10V inputs and volt free outputs for simpler requirements
  • PEACE OF MIND - Ecosmart Connect has a 5 year warranty


Ecosmart Connect is preconfigured with a flexible software strategy.

The control features include the following functions as standard

  • Individual Fan Speed Adjustment
  • Trickle Mode
  • Run-on
  • Intelligent Run-on (Occupancy Sensitive)
  • Weekly Scheduling
  • Night Cooling
  • Purge Mode
  • Frost Protection
  • Fault Monitoring
  • All commissioning features are adjustable remotely without direct access to the AHU. This can be via a service port on any room sensor or over the network.
  • The temperature control can be set to regulate supply air or to regulate room air temperature to a defined setpoint.
  • The heat exchanger bypass (where applicable) is automatically operated according to temperature and a pre-defined strategy.
  • Nuaire room sensor modules are automatically detected and actioned upon accordingly. Multiple sensor options are available in a single module.
  • A single ESCO-LCD panel can commission/monitor a single controller or multiple controllers on the network.
  • The Ecosmart Connect control module can be connected to provide the following integrated BMS interfaces.

Higher Level (BACnet)

  • Nuaire Room Sensor Network
  • BACnet MS/TP (As standard)
  • BACnet Ethernet IP optional (via converter box)

Lower Level

  • Switched Live & Volt Free Enable
  • Switched Live & Volt Free Fan Boost / Heat Boost (Configurable)
  • 2x 0-10V input. Configurable to accept Temperature, CO2, Humidity and Pressure.
  • 4 x Volt free relay outputs. Fan run, Heat, Cool & Fault.

Units fitted with Ecosmart Connect control have a 5 year warranty.

  • Only available on XBC and Boxer Packaged Solution Commercial fans