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We Have Lift-Off! How the XBC Range Grew and Grew


By Gareth Williams, Commercial Manager, July 2014

Exciting times are ahead of us at Nuaire with the launch of our XBC product extension.

The CIBSE award winning product has been proven hugely successful since its launch to market 18 months ago, so much so that we have decided to continue the development of the product range and include even higher duty capabilities whilst retaining heat exchange efficiencies of up to 90%. But whilst it is easy to dramatise the success of a product through marketing material and the sales strategy adopted by the team, it is not so easy to demonstrate the reasons why this product range has made such a big impact on the heat recovery market.

Imagine yourself in the shoes of a design engineer; daunted with the prospect of a demanding commercial team with high expectations of your service; the ever-evolving industry technologies and regulations requiring innovative approaches to fan design, along with the influence of the European Union providing legislation for the energy consumption of products (ErP). What would your recipe for success be? How would you strategies and what influencing factors are most important to you?

These questions have been considered by Nuaire because the one true influencing factor in the forefront of our design is our customer. We're proud to involve customers in the design phases of our projects and the feedback we gain from them is invaluable in ensuring that the ideas that our engineering team continue to deliver maintain Nuaire’s reputation for innovation and ground breaking product launches. Further considerations we always take into account are: legislation - can we future-proof a unit; can we maximise its efficiency to deliver the best product to market, and can we impact and reduce the cost of installation?

With ErP guidelines due in 2016, Nuaire’s entire XBC range has been designed to provide the most innovative, efficient and effective product that is capable of providing ventilation solutions for the market, well into the future. The heat exchange efficiency of the range removes the necessity to use a thermal wheel for higher heat exchange capabilities and with it, the cross contamination of air issues. Lower loads on coil designs can be considered and this coupled with Nuaire’s long standing Ecosmart control brand and another hugely successful product, the Ecosmart 2, powered by Trend control offering, really do provide the best ‘factory tested solution’ that the market has to offer.

As a member of the product consultation team aiding the development of the range from concept to market, I have particularly enjoyed experiencing the buzz of the sales teams during the product launch. Watching a team of vastly experienced sales managers canvasing every detail of the product and intelligently questioning the design intent of the airflow paths, coil sizing and efficiency levels really proved that the level of thought and market research during the product concept and design stage was worthwhile. It was very encouraging to see enquiries for the products being sent into my team within hours of the sales team having their literature for the range. It will prove even more interesting to see how the interest in this product grows and to discuss the range with customers long into the future.

The question on my mind is what would our customers like to see included in this range? Are there any ancillaries or additional modules that would prove useful for alternative solutions where this product could be used?