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The History of PIV

Nuaire’s history is rooted in R&D and innovation

By Tammy James, Senior Marketing Executive, May 2019

We have an excellent reputation for developing high quality products – many of which are patent protected.
As August is Inventors Month, we wanted to showcase one of our most successful inventions – Positive Input Ventilation.

PIV, known as Norma at the time, was invented by Nuaire back in the 1970s. The Norma Ventilation Input System was developed in close consultation with Northern Major Local Authorities Housing Consortium (Norma) to combat the severe effects of condensation in a number of houses on their estate. After extensive testing, units were installed in several hundred dwellings where they successfully eliminated the symptoms and prevented their recurrence of condensation, substantially improving the indoor air quality for the occupants.

Nearly 50 years later, with over 1 million units installed, PIV is the UK’s most popular method of low-energy whole-home ventilation. The range has been improved and updated over the years, with enhancements to reduce energy consumption and provide heating. The unit itself has also been revamped several times – from the small blue box unit featured below to the now instantly recognisable round shape with elephant-ear filters.

The next generation of PIV...

In the last few decades, indoor air quality has received increasing attention, frequently hitting the headlines for all the wrong reasons. Nuaire is committed to developing innovative products to keep air pollution out of homes and protect those in polluted areas to safeguard not only dwellings but the health of the occupants.
Our latest in the innovation is Noxmaster – a ‘first to market’, patent-pending and award-winning system combining PIV with a powerful carbon filter to address the increased focus on indoor air quality. Noxmaster removes up to 99.5% of Nitrogen Dioxide and other harmful pollutants generated by traffic emissions. The system delivers clean, filtered air into urban homes, improving air quality to within safe levels recommended by the World Health Organisation (WHO).

The History of PIV

Product Information

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Drimaster-Eco Range

Most cost effective PIV system.