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New Hybrid Ducting Kit

Hybrid Ducting

By Adam Pimmer, Design Engineer, June 2019

The hybrid ventilation market is a relatively new one for Nuaire; however, we have spent some time developing our range, utilising our mechanical expertise, and we are confident that it is the best in its class. We have already had a number of enquiries, and customer feedback has been extremely positive. The idea for XBOXER Hybrid has always been to work with our customers in developing the range. The hybrid ventilation market is ever-changing and working closely with our customers allows us to be agile. The proof is in the pudding and already we have expanded our range - for projects which require units to be completely hidden out of sight, we now offer a ducting kit for XBOXER Hybrid units.

Ducting in hybrid units is becoming increasingly popular as it allows designers to hide them in a ceiling void to be ducted into the space. Many customers have requested this option from us, and so we have developed a suitable offering for our range. Our ducting kits will include a transition piece to connect the Hybrid air path to a duct system, spiral ducting (including suitable bends), a plenum box and ceiling diffusers for both the supply and extract air.

What lies ahead for the XBOXER Hybrid range? We have many projects working in the background, but the biggest and most important development for us will be an LPHW bolt-on ancillary for the range. We are currently engineering a solution for both tempered and primary heating options, and will hopefully be able to talk about this in greater detail in the upcoming weeks. For the time being, our NPD department will be working hard, ensuring the Hybrid range meets all of our customer requirements.

To discuss Hybrid ventilation strategy on an upcoming project, call us on 029 2085 8200.