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Kids Care About Air Thanks to Our Workshop With a Difference

Clean Air Day Fun at Nuaire

By Alex Gallop, Marketing Communications Manager, June 2018

Last Thursday was Clean Air Day, and to show our support for this worthy campaign we threw open our factory doors to a group of 30 excited school children, inviting them to take part in an air quality workshop with a difference.

Armed with powerpoint, props, high-vis jackets and badge-making kits, we welcomed the class of eight year olds and their teachers to take part in a range of fun activities, each aimed at teaching them more about outdoor and indoor air pollution. We know that children are more vulnerable to air pollution, from the damage it does to growing lungs to the affect it has on immunity, heart function, growth and brain development.

Long-term exposure to air pollution, both outside and in the home, is also linked to the development of asthma. The damage to our respiratory systems is gradual but the effects can be felt at every age. So as part of Clean Air Day, a team from Nuaire developed a tool-kit to help highlight the sources of the main outdoor air pollutants, namely road traffic, and the seemingly innocent activities that produce harmful gases inside the home.

In an interactive workshop

We encouraged children to consider how they might reduce air pollution in their local area. We named the main chemicals, NOX and Particulate Matter, that are most harmful to our health.The class were surprised to learn about the sources of indoor air pollution, from moisture produced by cooking, bathing and washing, and NOX from burning fuel, to VOCs from cleaning and beauty products.One of the key concepts to highlight was the importance of replacing dirty air with clean, fresh air. To bring this to life, we used a cup of dirty water, diluted with a jug of clean water to explain how a whole-house ventilation system like PIV cleans dirty indoor air by diluting and displacing it. We quickly learned that water experiments are a winner with eight year olds!.

After a particularly lively quiz to cement the key points of the workshop, we split our class of 30 into three groups; each taking part in a different activity on rotation. In the showroom children and teachers tested their skills at catching pollution balls in old-school but brilliant Cyclone ball game: ‘Box That NOx’.

In a more relaxed setting, children turned their Clean Air Day pledges into badges, with offers to swap the car ride to school for scooters and walking, and to make simple changes at home to improve air quality. Led by our Commercial Manager, Gareth Williams, teams of wide-eyed children were taken on a whistle-stop tour of the factory.

Visibly intrigued by the sights and noises of sheet metal being punched, axial fans being flanged and systems of all sizes being assembled, the children asked some impressive questions.

  • “What type of processes do you have, and how many are there?”
  • “What do you do with your waste metal?”
  • “How much do you pay your factory workers?”

At the end of a very enjoyable session, we reminded the class of the all the facts, encouraging them to think about their indoor air and how best to keep it clean and healthy. Feedback from the school has been hugely positive, and I must admit, the team here are still on a high after a very worthwhile Clean Air Day event. We’re already looking forward to the next time.