The Secret to Sales Success is Not What You Think…

Rob Erwood, Commercial National Sales Manager

Rob Erwood - National Commercial Sales Manager

I am currently talking to a person outside of Nuaire but someone that joined the HVAC industry in the 1970’s. During this time this person has been there, seen it and done it. He’s earned a million, lost a million and I’m happy to say that, although now only loosely connected to our industry, he is very successful and the car{s} he drives only leads me to believe that he’s not short of a few bob! For the purpose of this blog I will call this chap Clive.

During Clive’s rise up the ladder of success he was head-hunted by a well-known radiator company to sell their range of heating products. Although it was the company that made the approach, Clive still had to go through the interview process. During the interview the sales manager asked Clive what he thought was the single most important attribute of a sales person. Clive’s answer of “hard work” was not shared by the interviewer and Clive didn’t get the job. Instead he started up his own company, worked very hard, and now employs over 600 people and holidays in the Caribbean twice a year!

This got me thinking about my own sales team and, with our annual Sales conference and Awards ceremony not too far away, I started to think about the attributes of our top sales people and the single element of their DNA that makes them “Top Rep”. It didn’t take me too long to realise why these people are our top sales people and therefore our top earners. Hard work.

Over the years I’ve had great pleasure witnessing my top sales people in front of their customers practising their crafts, and it is a craft. They always have the same things in common. They share a fantastic work ethic. They are good sales people with good sales techniques and have created working relationships with their customers that can only be created over time with good service and trust. But it is the shear hard work and drive that make these reps our top reps. They are usually the first ones in their car in the morning, the last ones home at night and the ones entertaining customers in the evening when they could be at home with their families.

By all means attend the best sales courses available to you; buy the book that tells you how to be the best in sales, but unless you have that drive, relentless commitment and  fire in your belly to continue pushing when your competitors have gone home – don’t bother!

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