Mark Huxtable, Nuaire Group CEO

Mark Huxtable is the CEO of Nuaire, a promotion he secured in 2012 having spent over 25 years at Nuaire. A Chartered Engineer with a degree in Manfacturing Systems Engineering, Mark joined the company in 1988 and into an appointment with the main board in 1991. He quickly moved from a development engineering role into manufacturing, procurement and distribution. As CEO, Mark’s main responsibility is to provide value for shareholders, which he does by developing strategies that secure growth and make Nuaire more profitable.

The father of two originates from Newport and is a proud Welshman, especially where Rugby is concerned. Aside from his family and, of course, Nuaire, Mark’s other passion in life is sport – both watching and taking part. He still competes in international Squash and Golf and enjoys skiing in the winter months.