• Part of the Q-Aire range of products, the IAQBOX-S has been designed in response to increasingly demanding building regulations and indoor air quality initiatives that have become a necessity in the modern building industry.

    It is independently tested by the BRE, proving to be the most efficient carbon filter on the market with the highest percentage of NO2 removal and the lowest air flow resistance figures.

    Features & Benefits:

    • Filtration - Removes 99.5% of NO2. Highest filtration on the market!
    • Testing - Independently tested and verified by the BRE
    • Resistance - Lowest system resistance
    • Regulations - Meets latest regulations and governing body initiatives
    • Maintenace -Unique single cell carbon filter for ease of install and maintenance
    • Filters -Choice of pre-filters for increased particulate matter filtration
    • Design - Low profile design 
    • Warranty - 5 year warranty: 1 year parts and labour, remaining 4 years parts only
  • There are no controls options for the IAQBOX-S product.

    The volume of airflow which will pass through them will typically be dictated by the commissioned MVHR system this product will work in conjunction with.

    The unit efficiency shall be confirmed and independently verified by a BRE (Building Research Establishment) test method.



  • The IAQBOX-S range of carbon filters are suitable for specification and come with a choice of pre-filters that Air Quality reports may dictate are necessary for the building application.

    This product is designed to be installed within the ceiling void of a building and will be positioned on the supply leg of a ventilation system, typically MVHR, to supply filtered air directly to habitable rooms.

    Unit spigots are 220x90mm and are compatible with Nuaire’s unique Self-Seal ducting range.

    • IAQBOX-S-PM10
    • IAQBOX-S-PM2.5
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