• MRXBOXAB-ECO2-1Z (formerly MRXBOX95AB-WM2-1Z) is designed to provide optimised balanced (supply and extract) mechanical ventilation heat recovery, whilst offering the best all-in-one acoustic solution on the market.

    The 1Z acts as an acoustic enclosure allowing the MVHR unit and attenuator to be entirely encased in an aesthetically pleasing model, which encloses the attenuators and flexible duct connections that would otherwise be visible and unsightly, all whilst making significant reduction in case-radiated noise.

    It also has an automatic summer bypass which removes the need to adjust the controls during the warmer months.

    Features and Benefits:

    • Unique - Only product of its kind on the market
    • Additional distribution box - Available to further reduce noise and vibration
    • Highest ErP energy efficiency - With an innovative acoustic solution
    • Fan controls - Designed for quick and easy commissioning
    • Bypass - Intergrated, automatic bypass
    • Building Regulations - SAP eligible products and Part F & L building regulation compliant
    • Quiet - Constant quiet running fans to ensure occupant acceptability
    • Integral frost protection
    • Available in opposite handed format - OH model
    • 5 year warranty - 1 year parts and labour, remaining years parts only


  • Please refer to our downloads section for the current technical specification

  • MRXBOXAB-ECO2-1Z offers a mark of innovative technology for new build applications where MVHR is required to ventilate a residential property, with the addition of a significant reduction in case-radiated noise and vibration.

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