• The new MRXBOXAB-ECO-LP1 (formerly MRXBOX95B-LP1) is the latest development in MVHR technology from Nuaire. Designed specifically for apartments, this system provides high performance ventilation with an ultra-low profile, offering greater flexibility for designers while freeing up valuable space within the home. Looking for a heat recovery ventilation unit for a larger residential property, click here for full MVHR Range. 

    Mounted within the ceiling void space, the low profile MVHR has a host of low-energy features and benefits. The system will achieve low specific fan power in SAP Appendix, meets Part L & F in Building Regulations and achieves Code 3 and above in the Code for Sustainable Homes.

    Combining supply and extract in one unit, the MRXBOXAB-ECO-LP1 works to deliver tempered air into living areas, whilst extracting moisture laden air from wet areas, to create a healthy and comfortable living environment.

    Using the latest technology of low watt DC fans, the product operates quietly and uses long life motors to ensure efficient and effective ventilation. The DC fans not only reduce power consumption significantly but also lower operating and life cycle costs.

    Features & Benefits:

    • Meets regulations - SAP  eligible products, and Part F & L Building Regulations compliant
    • Very low profile at 200mm deep - Ideal apartment solution for space restrictions
    • Low noise levels - Acoustic lining ensures quiet running fans
    • High efficiency - Heat exchanger is up to 80% efficient and provides low-energy ventilation
    • Full design and supply solution package
    • Easily accessible filters -G3 Filters
    • 5 year warranty: 1 year parts and labour, remaining years parts only
    • Fully automatic summer bypass - Standard plus integral frost protection


  • Low Specific Fan Power (SFP) down to 0.54w/l/s in SAP.


  • The MRXBOXAB-ECO-LP1 is an ideal solution for apartments.

  • MRXBOX95AB-ECO-LP1 comes with Summer Bypass, allowing the system to bypass the heat exchanger in the warmer months to provide cooler air.


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