• The MRXBOX95AB-WM2 is a powerful, compact and highly efficient ventilation system for medium-sized houses and apartments.  Loaded with features, it offers low Specific Fan Power (SFP) at just 0.54 w/l/w which is well within SAP Appendix Q boundaries, so it will help you adhere to current building regulations as well as providing effective and continuous ventilation.

    It also has an automatic summer bypass which removes the need to adjust the controls during the warmer months. Click here for full MVHR Range.

    Features & Benefits:

    • Code 3 or above through SAP Q eligible products, and Part F & L Building Regulations compliant
    • Compact, lightweight and easy to install
    • Fan controls designed for quick and easy commissioning
    • Free of charge code advisory service - taking the stress out of specifying
    • Full design and supply solution package
    • Easy accessible filters from front cover - no tools required
    • 5 year warranty: 1 year parts and labour, remaining years parts only
    • Constant quiet running fans - ensuring occupant acceptability
    • Integral frost protection
    • Available in opposite handed format
    • Integral humidity sensor to boost both extract and supply fans
  • MRXBOX95-WM2 Product label


    MRXBOX95-WM2- Dimension

  • This product is produced specifically for medium-sized new build properties.  It is lightweight, so can be mounted on any wall, and is compact enough to go into a cupboard, and is powerful enough to ventilate up to five wet rooms.

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