• The stylish touch screen wired controller has been designed to make controlling your MVHR ventilation system simple.

    With a 3.5” touch screen display, the unit can be surface or semi-recess mounted and is compatible with standard 2 gang recess back box.

    When installing the MVHR, you can commission the unit through the controller and program settings such as air flow, frost protection and summer bypass. For the home owner, they will be able to tailor the unit to suit their lifestyle, through setting a timed or rising boost, or even putting the unit into holiday or night mode to save on energy.

    Features and Benefits:

    • Holiday Mode allows home owners to control their ventilation rate meaning ultimate energy efficiency
    • Full control of your MVHR system without direct access required
    • Maintenance reminders for filter change when necessary
  • Please refer to our downloads section for the current technical specification

  • MRXBOX-VSC is compatible with the following all models:

    • Q-Aire range of Acoustic Enclosures (AE) and 1Z units
  • I&M MRXBOX-VSC - Visual System User ControlDownload