• Robust unit manufactured from high grade corrosive resistant aluzinc providing a hard wearing solution on site.

    Features & Benefits:

    Quick & easy installation – top access panel

    Quiet solution – acoustically treated construction fitted with a forward curved centrifugal impeller

    Wide range of ancillaries – speed controls, silencers, av’s and  flexi connectors

    Wide choice  - choice of 8 models with 3 configurations – standard, spigot to spigot and back to grille

    1 year warranty - Peace of mind.

  • External roof mounted single fan unit manufactured from aluzinc. Outlet grilles are positioned on opposite sides of the fan casing to prevent wind pressures effecting fan performance.  Fan assembly incorporates forward curved centrifugal impeller directly driven by BS5000 motor fitted with airflow fail monitor.  Fan is suitable for operation in ambient temperatures up to 50°C.  Suitable for internal and external use and may be installed up to a maximum angle of 5°.

  • Applications:

    • Toilets – small and large
    • Small and large offices
    • Supermarkets
  • Ancillaries:

    • Electronic speed controls (NALSC**)
    • Flexible connectors (CFC’s)
    • Silencers – long, long podded, standard and standard podded(SIL**)
    • Prefab curbs (PFC*)
  • I&M NALSRF Direct Drive Roof Mounted Single fansDownloadI&M NALSF/SRF Belt Drive Roof and Plantroom Single FansDownload