• Market leading Constant Pressure twin fan designed for internal or external applications. Designed for continuous ventilation and features Ecosmart on demand control. Available in line internal (AVT) or external (X) or grille outlet (R ) options. The range has lower energy consumption which provides a better SBEM score.

    The system of fans, controls and sensors installed in multi room ducted system is intended to provide continuous background ventilation when the served spaces are unoccupied and will automaticallyboost when the room is occupied to the design requirements.

    • Latest EC motor technology - guarantees longer life and lower SFPs.
    • Constant pressure option - improves the energy performance of the overall building and guarantees lower energy costs for end users.
    • Built in Ecosmart controls - energy efficient demand control ventilation solution.
    • Manufactured from corrosion resistant aluzinc - longer life expectancy than other materials.
    • Fan and matching silencer system reduces breakout - guarantees a superior acoustic solution.
    • 12 hour auto changeover - guarantees ventilation 24/7 in event of fan/motor failure and extends life of fan.
    • 5 year warranty - peace of mind.


  • The unit shall be manufactured from heavy gauge, corrosion resistant Aluzinc steel, internally coated lid with acoustic material (internal range is double skinned with acoustic filling). Fully detachable panels for maintenance/service and pressure tapping (Internal only) external units have hinged pitched roof. The fan should be with an ‘inline assembly’, positioned in series for optimum performance. Run and standby fan assemblies to incorporate fan impeller and EC motors selected to provide the most energy efficient solution conforming to part L regulations and shall be direct or belt drive BS5000 as standard, belt or direct drive with EN60034-30 motors fitted with Hall effect air flow failure monitoring, units suitable for operation in ambient temperatures of 40°C. The twin fan shall be controlled by an integrated Ecosmart control panel mounted within the fan unit. The fans shall have the following energy saving and operational functions integrally installed within it, all components will be pre-wired and fitted by the manufacturer:

    Please refer to catalogue pages for full Consultant specification.


    • Hotels
    • Student accommodation
    • Toilets
    • Small and large offices
    • Hospitals
    • Supermarkets
    • Apartments & Flats
    • Schools



    • AV mounts – AVT*
    • NRG grille – NRG
    • Constant volume damper – CVD*
    • Matched silencer systems – AVT*-SYS1, 2 or 3
    • R Grille option (addition to X model if required)external units only – AVT*-R-MOD
    • Flexible connectors – CFC*
    • Vertical support brackets


  • I&M AVT / AVTCP - Aire-Volve Twinfan Direct Drive, Run & Standby Fans for indoor useDownloadI&M AVT / AVTCP -WP - Aire-Volve Twinfan Direct Drive, Run & Standby Fans for external useDownload