• NEW Packaged AHU in models 07,12,17,22,32 and 42


    • High efficiency heat recovery - Thermal Wheel or Plate HX,  ErP 2016 or 2018
    • One piece packaged solution – Catalogue selectable, manufactured in sections for ease of manoverability on site
    • Unique ‘Patented’ Construction design – Incorporates thermally broken extrusion with fixed panels sandwiched together  which help to obtain TB1, D1, L1 & T2
    • Heating & Cooling – Heating options include LPHW & Electric and Cooling options include Chilled Water, Reverse Cycle and DX
    • Constant Pressure – standard on BPS models  with Connect and Adapt control
    • Optional Condensing unit – Mitsubishi Mr Slim Condenser with PAC control on BPS models with Ecosmart Connect and Adapt (Trend) controls
    • New Built in Control Platform – Ecosmart Classic, Connect or Adapt (Trend) as standard
    • Warranty – 5 year with Ecosmart Classic, Connect & Adapt
  • The packaged supply and extract unit shall be manufactured from Aluzinc corrosion resistant steel, with 50mm double skinned panels and anodized aluminium frame. All external fittings and fixings shall be stainless steel, aluminium or non-metallic. All panels and frames will be of a totally thermally broken design, complying with the following specification in accordance with BS EN 1886: Mechanical strength, D1; Leakage class, L1; Thermal transmittance, T2; Thermal bridging TB1. Panels and frames will be sealed with the use of silicon, mastic or other liquid gasket.

     The unit shall include the following items: - a high efficiency, ERP compliant heat exchanger with automatic bypass (power saving partial bypass on plate HX), complete with a condensate tray and pump offering 20m of head pressure. G4 pre-filter and F7 main supply filters shall be fitted with a single M5 bank present on the extract side. Slides for alternative panel and bag options shall be present and pressure drop monitoring for maintenance notification will be included.  Performance optimised backward curved impellers and IP54 EC motors shall be used to provide low specific fan powers and stepless speed control without tonal noise generation. Fan pressure transducers shall be fitted (ES Connect & Adapt only) for constant pressure/flow control and energy monitoring. Internal lighting and inspection portholes shall be present on all fan modules. All hinged access panels shall be lockable and removable (with a common key for all) allowing full maintenance access from the side. The unit has left (and right option) hand arrangement in direction of supply air flow.

    • A LPHW heater battery shall be fitted (on LPHW units).
    • An electric heater module shall be present (on Electric heater units), complete with power controller to allow output modulation from the unit control.
    • A fail-safe auto-reset safety device shall be present.
    • A chilled water cooling coil shall be fitted (on chilled water units).

    A reverse cycle DX coil shall be fitted (on DX-R units), with 5 psi oxygen free nitrogen (OFN) holding charge. The coil is sized to suit the compatible Mitsubishi condensing unit (2 will be required) with the required control interface (PAC controller) and sensors pre-fitted to the unit.

    Structural base frames shall be fitted, powder coated with covered forklift slots and 50mm square lifting bar holes for site manoeuvrability. Three axis alignment clamps shall be fitted externally. All modules and ancillaries shall be individual weatherproofed with nanotech hydrophobic roofing, providing unparalleled corrosion resistance and aesthetic longevity.  An IP66/67 lockable isolator shall be present for power connection on main and electric heater modules. Sealing grommets will be present for control cable access to the unit internals without the need for drilling on site. Module electrical interconnection shall be made using pre-fitted plug and socket arrangements. Modules shall be provided with identification labelling to aid assembly and QR coded badges to simplify document retrieval via portable devices.  Autodesk REVIT files shall be provided for Building Information Modelling and all units shall be based on performance testing carried out within an AMCA certified test laboratory.

    Units fitted with Ecosmart Classic control have a 5 year warranty.


    • Hotels
    • Offices
    • Schools
    • Student Accommodation
    • Leisure & Sports Facilities
    • Public Buildings
    • Factories
    • Mr Slim Condensing Unit with PAC controller (with Reverse Cycle coil only)
    • Attenuation (supply/extract)
    • Attenuation (intake/exhaust)
    • Frost coil module
    • Recirculation module
    • Weather terminal
    • Inlet/outlet damper
    • Weather terminal & inlet/outlet damper
    • Other filter options (contact Nuaire)
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