• Our custom made AHUs cover functions for applications with special demands: energy efficiency, high performance and fast commissioning are some of the qualities applied on packaged and custom air handling unit ranges.

    Customer Defined - Customers now have the flexibility to combine modules to build tailor-made AHUs up to 20m³/s.

    Special Demands - For installations that demand functionality XBOXER an always offer a solution. For instance, the installation might require a humidifier in order to achieve a specific humidity level. The application environment might also require components in aspecific finish, XBOXER can meet this requirement.

    Flexibility - The possibility to combine single and double deck units has been increased in combinations and sizes within this range. Installations with high demands might need one or a few functions outside the standard range.

    The pre-configured and tailored solution ranges can be combined to offer the best solution. The unit platform could be standardised, whereas a selection of the functions are customised making XBOXER the most flexible range of custom air handling units available.

    Project Specific Control - AHUs are sent to site control free allowing them to be integrated with control systems supplied by others.

    Energy Solutions - Nuaire also offers a number of world class solutions for energy efficiency.


    Price, Service and Delivery

    The right AHU, designed to meet your budget and site constraints and delivered to deadline.

    With our infinite range of AHUs you won't need to pay for an oversized unit. The modular design ensures ease of handling at site and online selection ensures that you have just what you need, no more, no less.

    Our experienced technical support and after sales teams are here to help alongside over 50 external sales staff on the road, all over the UK.

  • Design, Selection and Technical Support

    Nuaire's AHU technical estimators use a specialist parametric software called aireCAD which provides instant CAD drawings, accurately calculated weights, detailed data sheets, fully customisable, specialist components and much more. 

    It provides:

    • Quick & easy selections
    • Totally bespoke units at a touch of a button
    • Supply volumes up to 20m3/s (or 10m3/s per deck)
    • Optimised design with emphasis on size and performance
    • Over 25 complex module types can be combined and customised to create your ideal unit including Gas Burners, Humidifiers, Electric Heaters
    • Data sheets and CAD drawings automatically generated in real time
    • Unique reference numbers and document control
    • Quick and convenient amendments and Drag & Drop components
    • DXF & REVIT output available (upon request)
    • Technical support team on hand to check selections for you
    • Prisons
    • Schools
    • Healthcare
    • Hotels and Leisure
    • Gynmasia
    • Supermarkets
    • Retail
    • Offices
    • Prisons



  • All BESPOKE BOXER AHUs are tailored to your needs.  The XBOXER preconfigured range offers an off the shelf solution and our bespoke AHUs really are tailored to you, even down to 1mm increments in the dimensions.

    Contact our dedicated AHU team boxerahu@nuaire.co.uk  or see our contact details at http://boxerahu.nuaire.co.uk/contactus.php



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