Planned Maintenance

Repairs and Maintenance

Social housing providers are committed to providing quality homes for their tenants, ensuring the standard of their homes are maintained or improved via planned maintenance schemes.

Nuaire can help housing providers achieve and maintain a decent home standard by offering a range of ventilation solutions that will:

  • Cure any existing condensation dampness within a property
  • Improve indoor air quality and promote a healthier living environment for occupants
  • Avoid costly redecoration costs by eliminating future condensation issues

Why should planned maintenance initiatives include ventilation?

Condensation dampness is more common than you may think, particular in older homes. Washing, cooking, bathing and showering are everyday activities that produce moisture and pollutants in the home. The humid environment creates ideal conditions for mould and dust mites, whilst damaging the fabric of the building causing premature and costly redecoration or replacement. 

The results of poorly ventilated homes are musty air, streaming windows and even mould growth.  In short, poor ventilation is both bad for the health of your tenants and your budget.  

Research has shown that preventing moisture can reduce allergens and other pollutants and in particular help those with respiratory disorders.

Installing a Nuaire ventilation solution as part of your planned maintenance initiatives will not only prevent condensation problems later on; but will contribute towards a healthier living environment for your tenants.  

Experts in planned maintenance

Nuaire has been working with social housing providers for many years, fulfilling their ventilation requirements on planned maintenance schemes such as:

  • Decent Homes and both the Welsh and Scottish Housing Quality Standard
  • Void refurbishment
  • Disabled adaptations
  • Kitchen/bathroom renewals
  • Window and door replacements

With unrivalled experience and expertise, our comprehensive range of low energy products are ultra-efficient, offer low life cycle costs and are easy to install and maintain as part of your on-going maintenance programmes.

Our nationwide team of sales engineers will work with both your in-house maintenance teams and your external contractors to ensure the right solution is selected for each scheme.

Thanks to our sizeable stock holding and next day delivery, tight timescales or last minute changes and decisions on site are not an issue.  With ventilation solutions for both whole house and individual extract, our product range allows flexibility in terms of the best fit and budget.

Whole house ventilation using Positive Input Ventilation(PIV)

Nuaire are proud to be the originator of Positive Input Ventilation technology, having invented PIV in 1972.  

A tried and tested solution, PIV gently supplies fresh filtered air into the property. The moisture laden air from day to day living is continuously diluted, displaced and replaced with good quality air from outside. The system runs continuously so properties are constantly ventilated, without the need for tenant intervention.

A single unit will ventilate an entire home, with no need for additional trickle vents. Positive Input Ventilation is becoming increasingly recognised as the best value approach to ventilating a home. For more information on PIV solutions, visit our Positive Input Ventilation Page. 

Extract Ventilation

Nuaire's range of extract fans use the very latest motor and impellor technology to ensure they are both quiet and energy efficient.  All of our components are clip in and push fit, for ease of installation and maintenance, allowing in-house maintenance teams or external contractors to carry an array of spare items with them.

We believe that extract fans should be filtered to protect the fan. Our Genie fans are designed with easy fit filters, protecting the whole body of the fan from dirt and grime, resulting in:

  • Minimal maintenance requirements
  • Extended fan life
  • Improved condensation control.

For more information on Nuaire's extract fan range, visit our Extract Page.