Energy Improvement Solutions

Energy Improvement

There are numerous benefits to making energy improvements to properties. Warm air is kept in, lowering energy usage which is good for the environment whilst also helping to reduce energy bills. However, the impact of making properties more air tight is the reduction in natural ventilation.

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Everyday activities such as washing, cooking and even sleeping produce around two litres of moisture per person, per day!  Energy improvements, such as external insulation, result in minimal air leakage meaning there are fewer gaps within your property for the moisture to escape through and as a result condensation dampness can start to form.

Condensation dampness can not only damage properties with mould growth but are also damaging to the health of occupants.  When undertaking energy improvements it is imperative that you eliminate the possibility of condensation dampness and consider how best to adequately ventilate your property.

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Nuaire's Solution

Nuaire offers cost effective ventilation solutions that can be easily installed as part of your energy reduction improvements.

In 1972, Nuaire invented a technology called Positive Input Ventilation (PIV) and today it is the ideal low-energy, cost-effective ventilation product for any energy improvement programme.

A tried and tested ventilation solution, PIV gently supplies fresh filtered air into the whole property. The moisture laden, contaminated air produced from day to day living is continuously diluted, displaced and replaced with good quality air from outside, creating an environment in which condensation and mould cannot exist. 

Why choose PIV as your energy improvement solution?

  • One single fan ventilates the entire property, eliminating the need for additional extract fans and saving on both fan and installation costs
  • Non-disruptive installation makes it the ideal solution for retro fit projects
  • Low power consumption costs around 1p per day
  • Very low maintenance requirements (filters replaced every 5 years)
  • Improves indoor air quality and promotes a healthier living environment for occupants

Nuaire's full range of PIV products are energy efficient and will suit any budget, starting from our standard Drimaster to our Sunwarm Air, which uses the principle of our PIV concept with a solar thermal technology.  To find our more visit our Positive Input Ventilation page.

Green Initiatives

The UK has committed to reducing its carbon emissions by at least 80% before 2050 and to achieve this the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) have introduced a number of initiatives with funding to help us make our homes more energy efficient. 

If you are planning or have made improvements to your property under one or more of the following green initiative schemes, we recommend you consider installing adequate ventilation into your property. 

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