Nuaire have looked to tackle the issue of IAQ by inventing the largest range of in-line carbon filters, with the highest percentage of NO2 reduction, found in the UK market. Within the IAQBOX range there are two sizes to choose from which are Single or Double, as well as a choice of pre-filters that further aid in the filtration of dangerous Particulate Matter.

Nuaire’s IAQBOX range offers solutions for urban areas where air pollutants such as NO2 and Carbon Dioxide need to be filtered before outdoor air enters the property. These solutions will ensure that Air Quality initiatives, as outlined by the World Health Organisation, are met so your projects showcase the latest in innovation at competitive prices.

The Single unit IAQBOX-S offers up to 99.5% NO2 reduction with a single carbon filter cell which can be replaced by the end user after the recommend life span of 2 years.
The Double unit IAQBOX-D has a larger carbon filter cell meaning more air can pass through and be filtered, without causing a rise in pressure on the ventilation system this unit will be working alongside. It also offers the choice of one or two outlet spigots, again ensuring a low system resistance and simpler duct runs to supply rooms.

The issue of air pollution is never far from the headlines, with long-term exposure now blamed for thousands of deaths each year. Carbon filtration has now become an essential component in ventilating properties in urban areas. Nuaire's IAQBOX sets new standards in air filtration without the loss of resistance that consultants have come to expect with this type of technology.

IAQBOX filters out 99.5% of N02 making it the most effective system available. Chemicals produced by industrial processes and burning fossil fuels are also filtered out to a safe level, giving homeowners and specifiers greater confidence in the indoor air quality.

Optional pre-filters ensure that as much as 95% of harmful PM10 and PM2.5, safe-guarding the health of the homeowner and preventing the build-up of particles inside the MVHR system for more effective operation.

IAQBOX is available in both Single and Double widths for greater flexibility. The IAQBOX-S (single) offers up to 99.5% NO2 filtration with a single carbon filter cell which can be replaced by the homeowner after the recommneded 2-year lifespan.

The IAQBOX-D (double) is an industry-first. It's larger carbon filter cell means more air can pass through, which reduces the air pressure drop. It also offers a choice of one or two outlet spigots, which also ensures low system resistance and simplified duct runs.


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