Twin fans are used in applications where ventilation must be guaranteed 24/7.  With two fans positioned together it allows for use as run and standby, and with Nuaire’s control systems the primary fan is changed over regularly to ensure component life is maximised.  Nuaire’s ‘auto-changeover’ control is a true run and standby system so each fans assembly is run and proven every 12 hours.

Nuaire’s pedigree has been in high quality, reliable ventilation systems, with Twin Fans being a core part to ventilation design.  In applications such as toilet extract Nuaire has always been at the forefront of innovation. We offer run and fail indicators as standard (Ecosmart models) to client satisfaction and peace of mind. 

Our Twin Fan ranges include fans from 0.02m3/s (20l/s) up to 6.2m3/s and with options including constant pressure, twin fan with heat recovery and twin fans with motor out of airstream for critical applications.


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