• IAQ-VALVE is the first supply-valve and carbon filter in one. This unique technology simplifies the control of air pollutants, removing up to 91% of Nitrogen Dioxide and VOCs from traffic emissions to improve indoor air quality. 

    Features & Benefits:

    New technology! - The first carbon filter and air supply valve in-one

    High Filtration - Removes up to 91% of Nitrogen Dioxde and other harmful gases

    Better IAQ - Protects homeowners living in urban areas from harmful air pollution

    Low Resistance - Air volumes of up to 15l/s

    Easy Maintenance - Bayonette fixture for quick, tool-free filter change

    Long Lifespan - Filter change every two years

    Lockable Valve - Locked once commissioned and even when filter is changed




  • The activated carbon is contained within a single catridge that sits within the supply air valve with minimal resistance to airflow. 

    The 125mm diameter Carbon Filter supply valve is to be positioned in each of the habitable rooms and connected to the MVHR system directly via rigid ducting or via a plenum box. 

    The IAQ-VALVE has been tested by the BRE (Building Research Establishment). 


  • This product is designed to be installed within the ceiling void of a building and will be positioned on the supply leg of a ventilation system, typically MVHR, to supply filtered air directly to habitable rooms.

  • I&M IAQ-V125 - 125mm Ø Carbon Filtered Supply ValveDownloadIAQ-VALVE Consultant SpecDownload