• Nuaire's award-winning range of MRXBOX95 heat recovery systems are designed to provide optimised, balanced supply and extract mechanical ventilation with heat recovery. The MRXBOX95-WM1 is a wall or cupboard mounted MVHR system designed specifically for small to medium sized houses and apartments. It incorporates the latest generation of low voltage DC fans, counter flow heat exchanger and easily accessible controls.

    The heat exchanger block can recover up to 95% of the heat which would normally be wasted, giving this product a high score on SAP and helping you meet building regulations. Extremely low noise levels and low maintenance requirements make this a popular MVHR solution for new build properties.

    Features & Benefits:

    • Compact - Lightweight and easy to install
    • Fan controls - Designed for quick and easy commissioning
    • Filters - Easy accessible filters from front cover - no tools required
    • Building Regulations - SAP eligible products and Part F & L building regulation compliant
    • Quiet - Constant, quiet running fans to ensure occupant acceptability
    • Integral frost protection
    • 5 year warranty - 1 year parts and labour, remaining years parts only
  • Please refer to our downloads section for the current technical specification

  • The MRXBOX95-WM1 has been designed specifically to ventilate small to medium sized houses and apartments. The unit design is extremely compact and lightweight, and is mounted on a wall or inside a cupboard. Small but extremely powerful, this system will provide effective ventilation for the whole home whilst it's compact size won't take up valuable storage space.

  • Optional Sensors and Detectors

    Customise your MRXBOX95-WM1 for enhanced performance. All sensors and detectors are supplied with pre-plugged 10m data cable and incorporate status LED.

    MRXBOX95-PIR (passive infra red) - A low voltage sensor which detects movement and activates the system. Incorporates overrun timer and timer adjustments.

    MRXBOX95-HUM - A low voltage sensor which activates the system when the RH level is above set point. Incorporates overrun timer and RH setpoint level adjustment.

    MRXBOX95-RFI - If fan failure occurs the audio visual indicator will flash a warning

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