• Available in three versions: standard supply and extract (Q-Aire-V125), filtered extract (Q-Aire-EV125F) or filtered extract with integral humidistat (Q-Aire-EV125FH). The Q-Aire Supply & Extract Valves are the only lockable, filtered valves on the market and are fully-compliant with the latest NHBC guidance.

    Features & Benefits:

    • Only filtered extract with built in humidistat
    • Same valve for supply and extract
    • Lockable position for commissioning
    • Easy maintenance
    • 5 year warranty: 1 year parts and labour, remaining years parts only
  • Q-Aire Valve Table

  • The Q-AIRE-V125/ Q-AIRE-EV125F/ Q-AIRE-EV124FH (use where appropriate) air valve is designed to be installed with MEV and MVHR systems. It can be installed in both new-build and self-build properties, whilst also making a fantastic retro-fit upgrade to an existing system.

  • Q-Aire-EV125F. This extract valve comes with replaceable G2 filter which helps to prevent your duct system from getting clogged with dirty air that is extracted from your wet rooms. To replace this filter please call our Residential Sales Office on 02920 858 500 and quote part number Q-AIRE-FILTERKIT ore click here to purchase directly on our Xpress site.

    Q-Aire-EV125FH. This extract valve comes with a replaceable G2 filter and built in humidistat and is unique to Nuaire. The humidity sensor will track the humidity of the room and then use the Ecosmart SELV cable to connect back to the MVHR or MEV unit and cause the system to increase to boost when necessary. By having the humidistat built directly into the valve your system will work far more efficiently, as it reacts quickly to humidity levels with this in-room intelligence, rather than waiting for the high humidity levels to reach your unit.

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