• Nuaire offer a range of ducting to suit all type of building applications, here are a list of the types of ducting Nuaire can offer:

    CIRCULAR DUCT Provides optimum system efficiency. Lightweight with simple push fit connections for ease of installation.

    SLIM DUCT Ideal for apartments, ceiling voids, loft and other confined spaces.

    FLAT DUCT SYSTEMS In confined areas where is space is minimum without reducing whole system performance.

    ATTENUATION Reduce duct noise as per 'Domestic Compliance Guide 2010' and noise requirements in 'Part F Building Regulations 2010'. Attenuator ducting also reduces cross talk through the ventilation systems, between rooms.

    WIDE SELECTION OF INTERNAL/EXTERNAL GRILLES Designed to maximise system airflow performance and occupant comfort.

    FIRE PROTECTION Available for all a duct systems to meet regulations.