The majority of fire related mortalities are because people have been asphyxiated by deadly toxic gases that are produced during a fire. One of the biggest hazards in the event of a fire is that of smoke inhalation.

It is essential to provide adequate ventilation in car parks, even though modern cars have been fitted with catalytic converters they still produce surprisingly high levels of harmful pollutants. Our ventilation systems remove combustible gases, fuel spill vapours, uncombusted fuel particles and displace oxygen.

By redirecting combustion gases to where they will do least harm, valuable time is available to evacuate personnel to safety and provide protection to buildings. The car park Impulse system is used to control and remove contaminants on a day-to-day basis, whilst ensuring smoke is removed quickly and efficiently in the event of a fire. Strategically positioned Impulse fans, mounted on the ceiling, create a virtual smoke barrier ensuring quick and effective clearance whilst keeping the rest of the car park smoke free.

Eliminating the need for complicated ductwork systems optimises space and saves money. The system is also extremely energy efficient as it monitors the air quality and operates the system at its optimum level, reducing the running costs by up to 40% compared with traditional ducted systems. Also, fewer fans are required as they distribute the air over such a large area.


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