Installing MVHR Systems Nuaire's guide to best practice

Although whole house ventilation has been around for some time, the advancement of Mechanical Heat Recovery (MVHR) systems has resulted in far greater requirements and skill with regards to installation.

The amendments to Part F and the introduction of the Domestic Ventilation Compliance Guide within the 2010 Building Regulations has introduced a number of requirements in order to conform to building regulations, including the requirements to correctly install and commission mechanical ventilation systems using a qualified, competent person.

Nuaire is a BPEC accredited training centre and together with our many years of experience in the design and installation of MVHR systems, Nuaire have produced a guide to pass on this knowledge and enable Housebuilders, Developers and Installers to install correctly designed MVHR ventilation systems.

This Nuaire MVHR best practice guide has been designed to provide guidance to both Installers and Housebuilders on not only how to comply with ADF2010 regulations, but also some key hints and tips for getting it right and avoiding costly mistakes.