Part F - Buildings other than dwellings

Almost in complete contrast to the extreme detail given concerning residential ventilation systems, Approved Document F sets out guidance for the following non-domestic buildings – offices, car parks & “other” building types. General guidance is given on indoor air quality criteria to facilitate the development of alternative ventilation solutions (from first principles).

Guidance is given on provision for maintenance access, and the necessity to ensure the cleanliness of ventilation systems and the security of a clean fresh air supply for the protection of occupant health. For office ventilation (for which a considerable amount of technical research exists) several outline methods are proposed for system design. Alternative approaches (including natural and mixed mode ventilation) are referred to via the appropriate CIBSE guides. For Car Parks, including those below ground simple criteria are expressed for the provision of adequate ventilation by means of accurate Carbon Monoxide level control. Although not referred to in ADF, CO based ventilation alone may not control visual contamination levels, particularly where diesel engine vehicles predominate.

Approved Document B is also very relevant to car parks and should be cross referenced. An alternative approach using natural ventilation openings is given, and also mechanical systems with simple air change rate limits are described, and references given to additional sources of guidance. For “other” buildings, Table 6.3 details an extensive list of reference documents covering the ventilation requirements of a wide range of buildings. For more details about ventilation systems that can help you meet part F contact Nuaire on 02920 858 200.